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  1. With more than 23,000 employees and 130+ stores across France, Leroy Merlin is the leading DIY retail brand in France – in the market of home improvement and gardening. The brand is not limited to an in-store offer. Leroy Merlin France also has a strong digital ecosystem with a fast growing website.
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  2. Any retail marketer knows that customer experience is critical. With numerous touch points — web site, in-store, Amazon, advertisements, contact centers and more — retailers are more responsible than ever for providing a great experience for customers regardless of the channel.

    The one aspect that factors into every customer touch point is content. Whether it is product information or a content marketing campaign, all details must be consistent — and in the customer’s language. According to a recent Forrester report, 80% of business leaders believe that content challenges prevent them from delivering on their business objectives. This is not very surprising when you consider the volume and velocity of digital content that makes its way across all of the customer communication channels. This level of content can be tough to manage if businesses do not have the right strategies in place.
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  3. Getting an edge over your competition can be a challenge for retailers today, however, experts at the Smart Stores Expo 2018 exhibition noted that there are a wealth of solutions, ranging from robotics to design and smart payment, that retailers can utilise to help them.

    Held under the theme 'Explore the Future of Smart Retail', this year's event is dedicated to helping players in the industry reinvent their businesses in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.
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  4. Ninety-one per cent of retailers expect online revenue growth this year, and are focusing on personalisation, mobile and customer experience, according to a new report by SLI Systems.

    The 2018 E-commerce Performance Indicators and Confidence (EPIC) report highlights focus areas for the year, areas of investment and analyses how mobile initiatives have been used since the year prior.
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  5. De Bijenkorf, a renowned retail brand within the Netherlands known for its premium and personal service in stores, has had an offline presence for almost 150 years. It sells products such as clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry and much more. The Bijenkorf website is an extension of their offline presence which enables their brand to reach all of Holland and Belgium. De Bijenkorfs online vision is to offer an online shopping experience that matches its premium standard provided to customers in stores.
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  6. E-commerce business models are undergoing a dramatic shift. Initially businesses relied on consumers to do the 'heavy lifting' to discover the product and to make the purchase decision. The vendor's role was to ensure that the product was discoverable and — most importantly — available at the geographic location where the transaction potentially would take place.
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  7. The role of digital marketing for customer experience, in particular, has become key with online and bricks-and-mortar retailers alike. The digital approach is helping them implement new strategic technologies to win new and retain existing customers.
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  8. I recently read a report showing that out of 46,000 shoppers, 73% used multiple channels to make a purchase. Only 7% shopped exclusively online, while 20% shopped exclusively in-store. I believe this is clear proof that there is an increasing need for retailers to turn to omnichannel retail to enhance the customer experience.
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  9. Whilst some level of basket abandonment is to be expected, a proportion of these failed transactions are avoidable and can be alleviated by intelligent use of content at the point of conversion.
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  10. One of the biggest differences between the e-commerce customer experience and that of traditional, brick-and-mortar retail is that with e-commerce you don't just walk out of the store with your purchase, you must wait to have it delivered.
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