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  1. Many say customer experience will be the key differentiator for companies in the digital era. And customers have a long list of requests for brands. A lion's share of the onus to deliver these experience falls on marketers and customer experience professionals. Those very folks gathered at the fourth annual CMSWire DX Summit at the Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago. (Editor’s note: Simpler Media Group, the publisher of, runs this conference). Here they share their digital customer experience focus areas for 2019.
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  2. As companies rush to understand and adopt digital channels, it is generating complexity, confusion and a growing disconnect in most customer journeys today. As organizations bring on new channels of communications for their customers – including social channels, chatbots, mobile apps, mobile sites, websites, smart device apps and more – they often struggle to bridge the communications from these channels into the back-end processes used to actually fulfill on customer requests.
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  3. De Bijenkorf, a renowned retail brand within the Netherlands known for its premium and personal service in stores, has had an offline presence for almost 150 years. It sells products such as clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry and much more. The Bijenkorf website is an extension of their offline presence which enables their brand to reach all of Holland and Belgium. De Bijenkorfs online vision is to offer an online shopping experience that matches its premium standard provided to customers in stores.
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  4. All Aaron Dun wanted was to surf a website. There was only one problem: a chabot wouldn’t let him. It kept popping up during his web session, despite Dun’s multiple attempts to “X out" the chabot. Dun, a senior marketing executive in the Boston area, chronicled his web-travel chatbot woes in a popular LinkedIn post last month. “Please, please, PLEASE help your customers know when I have hit the little "x" to close the chat window, and you know, maybe help them WAIT awhile for me to decide I need help?!!” Dun wrote.
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  5. The business of customer experience

    Think about the last great customer experience you had.
    Now, try to pull out all of the little details about that experience that made it great.

    Customer experience is a fuzzy concept. As consumers, we can quickly name multiple different companies with great customer experiences, but struggle defining exactly what components make each experience exceptional.
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  6. Digital customer experience technology has changed dramatically in the last four or five years. In 2014, in its first Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Wave, Forrester cited three core capabilities which set DXPs apart: content, commerce and data. In its third Wave on Digital Experience Platforms in 2017 (fee required), Forrester named eight core components: content, marketing, commerce, service, analytics, customer data, personalization, and development and operations.
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  7. As we continue to understand the entire customer journey and how customers interact with brand we need to understand the importance of brand perception, the intersection with customer experience and marketing and advertising channels. This is not a new concept, but now we have the ability to take a holistic view of this ecosystem: leverage technology, marketing automation and analytics to understand, visualize and determine the overall impact to the business.
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  8. We’ve all had that customer-service moment where we’re stuck in an automated loop of chaos, and all we want is to connect with a real (and if it’s not asking too much, empathetic) human being to answer our question. The problem with engaging a digital brand or startup is that, oftentimes, customers don’t know who—or what—they are talking to.
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  9. The first step in determining if you have some problems with your customer experience programs is admitting you may have a problem. According to Dimension Data’s 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report (Registration required), 71 percent of organizations cited customer experience as a competitive differentiator but only 13 percent of brands rated their CX delivery a 9 out of 10 or better.
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