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  1. In today’s digital age, digital transformation and customer experiences are often buzzwords that people confuse.

    Digital transformation is how digital technologies work through mobile devices and use data analytics to broaden customer relationships. This differs from customer experiences where marketers and businesses work to enhance how customers and potential customers perceive a business. But why is digital transformation necessary for better CXs?
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  2. Known as one of the top cement producers in the world, CEMEX SAB de CV creates building materials and services for customers across four continents. But even giants like CEMEX (headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico) recognize that in a digital world, they need to provide a modern, personalized experience to customers.
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  3. Customer experience leaders are documented to have greater top- and bottom-line growth than those who haven’t made customer experience transformation a priority.

    For those who have made CX a priority, the customer and business imperative of enabling and consistently delivering "digital-first but not digital-only" multichannel experiences means that to effectively transform the customer experience, it’s important to also focus on digital transformation.
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  4. PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Comcast Business today announced more than 2.3 million companies, including SMBs and enterprises, are elevating customer experiences with fast, reliable connectivity and next-generation solutions from Comcast Business. These technologies have helped drive digital transformation at thousands of companies, enabling them to better serve their customers and develop ongoing business relationships.
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  5. By now, most companies have at some level realised that they need to embrace digital transformation. For the most part, however, these efforts are still limited to upgrading IT infrastructure, with very little thought given to the rest of the organisation.

    A more holistic approach to digital needs to be adopted and “the customer” should be given more focus in an organisation’s digital transformation efforts. It is, after all, customer experience (CX), more than any other factor, that sets an organisation apart from its competitors.
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  6. Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. These 100 statistics show the growth and importance of digital transformation, its impact on customer experience and digital challenges and opportunities for the future.
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  7. Australian consumers want a faster in-store retail experience complemented by customer service-enhancing technologies, according to a survey conducted by SOTI.

    The international research, which surveyed consumers in Australia, North America, the UK and Europe, delivered some surprising results.
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  8. Every successful company knows that customer experience (CX) is important and that developing and refining it to delight customers is a priority.

    However, there’s often a debate about who should own the customer experience project. Should it be outsourced to a bunch of consultants or subject matter experts? Or should it be managed in-house by a cross-functional team?
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  9. E-commerce business models are undergoing a dramatic shift. Initially businesses relied on consumers to do the 'heavy lifting' to discover the product and to make the purchase decision. The vendor's role was to ensure that the product was discoverable and — most importantly — available at the geographic location where the transaction potentially would take place.
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  10. Digital has completely upended the marketing and advertising world, fundamentally changing the industry as we know it. Now it’s less about campaign-building and more about the convergence of marketing and technology to guide digital transformation.
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