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  1. Personalization is an essential part of the customer journey – most marketers agree – and it’s absolutely critical that brands deliver a true one-to-one experience to customers. However, they might not be achieving these outcomes yet because they are struggling with personalization. In that same report, 84 percent of senior marketers say the potential of CX personalization has not yet been fully realized, and as such, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area.
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  2. Is your business listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC)? If not, you might want to start now – as it is becoming a top priority among most online businesses. This rise in popularity is owed to the fact that Voice of the Customer programs (and therefore Voice of the Customer tools) have recently become a critical element in customer experience initiatives.
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  3. You develop a relationship with a customer during their path to purchase, but do you lose track of them after they buy? Contributor Davor Sutija offers tips to keep the conversation going.
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  4. There’s been some debate in the customer experience community about how to keep CX vibrant and as beneficial as possible. As part of that discussion, there was some disagreement around how to build momentum for a CX program. Should you try to tackle giant, very meaningful initiatives first to completely embed CX as an imperative for your business or should you start slowly, build momentum and grow your program steps at a time? After trying it both ways with multiple companies and with different teams, I’ve come to believe in the “crawl, walk, run” approach. Here’s why:

    Attempting to tackle giant initiatives requires people, resources, money, time and most of all … patience. Some leaders can create a vision, dedicate resources to it and be comfortable waiting for successful outcomes.
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  5. Companies are putting more and more effort into identifying and addressing the trials and tribulations customers encounter when interacting with them to create the best possible buying and use experience. Referred to as customer experience (and often abbreviated to CX), it’s inclusive of the customer’s journey from initial brand awareness to purchase, the customer’s interactions with the brand’s many touchpoints prior to and during use, and the environments the customer encounters during use of and interaction with the product or service. Brands find the greatest success and differentiate themselves from competitors by focusing on delivering an effortless experience that ensures each of those touchpoints and experiences are consistent and contribute positively to the customer’s overall journey.
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  6. How? Simply by using two words which should be stricken from every business leader’s vocabulary – “back office.”

    This is a term that many executives throw around without regard to its influence on the culture and mindset of their organization.

    Here’s the issue: Creating a work environment that supports customer experience excellence requires getting everyone in the organization to view their role as a critical part of the customer experience equation. The moment employees start to feel that their work is invisible to the customer, they then lose appreciation for the impact their role has on the customer experience.
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  7. Visitor recording and session replay tools enable businesses to record, save and replay the interactions their visitors have on their website. While there is some controversy regarding the use of these tools and the privacy issues they present, they have certainly proved themselves capable of providing digital marketers and UX teams with deep insights into the user experience of website visitors.
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  8. More than ever before, customer experience is now defined by digital interactions, with the majority of consumers now relying on email, SMS, web chat and social media to communicate. Research has shown that customers now use three or more channels when reaching out for customer support, meaning that if your organisation fails to offer these services, they risk losing out on vital business. This white paper outlines seven steps to help your organisation create a successful digital customer experience.
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  9. Simplicity is a basic tenet of customer experience, but it is often overlooked in favor of a company’s outdated rules or procedures. Doing simple better means aiming for the fewest clicks (or taps) possible to complete a digital task, allowing a customer to easily talk to a human being on the phone if they need to, and writing legal terms and conditions in language customers can understand.
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  10. This article guides you through the basics of GDPR (e.g. what it is and who will be affected), the most critical changes to be aware of in terms of digital feedback collection, why it’s important to comply with these regulations, the consequences if you choose not to and what we’re doing here at Mopinion to get ourselves and our clients ready for the new legislation.
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