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  1. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Give them what they want. Your customers expect an experience on your site. A great experience; an experience that has been personalized for them. Where do you start when making something like that a reality?

    This Exponea e-book will take you through the early stages of improving the customer experience on your site, followed by specific personalization strategies to start using, and a comparison of different product recommendation models so you can pick the best one for your business.
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  2. No product or brand can fulfill the needs and expectations of every person every time. Companies that try to please the masses usually underwhelm their true target audience and gain little in the exchange. Even if you manage to create an incredible experience in red, there will always be people who prefer blue.

    Great customer experience (CX) does not exist in a vacuum. To design an experience that keeps people coming back, focus less on wowing the crowd and more on creating a plan that consistently delivers satisfying results.
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  3. Advanced customer experience (CX) technologies are proliferating in the private sector, connecting customers with companies via a number of channels — phone, email, live chat, and even social media — quickly and easily. That’s why by 2020, experience will overtake price as a key differentiator for consumers. It’s also why citizens today expect increasingly transparent and responsive services from the public sector.

    Direct government-to-citizen (G2C) experiences are paramount in shaping perceptions of and building trust in public-sector agencies. Every level of government can take steps to improve G2C interactions by updating their citizen experience philosophy and adopting modern technology. One powerful example that has already proven to improve customer experience in the private sector is a live chat platform where citizens can connect with government agents directly via their website or mobile app.
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  4. Nearly all supply chain managers responding to a recent survey said they consider customer experience to be important when measuring last-mile performance, while two-thirds of them say they’re held accountable for standard customer experience KPIs such as NPS and CSAT scores.

    Ninety-six percent of respondents to the survey by Convey and eft Supply Chain and Logistics Business Intelligence said customer experience is a critical measure of last-mile success, up from 83% a year ago, while 66% are held accountable for CX KPIs, up from 56%.
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  5. Over the last few weeks my team and I have been trying to make sense of the customer data platform (CDP) category of marketing tools. The CDP value proposition is to create a unified, complete picture of every customer that can be used to improve the customer journey and deliver a personalized customer experience across all marketing channels. Customer experience nirvana!

    In trying to categorize all the CDPs (there are more than 40), the single biggest challenge has been to find two or three meaningful sentences that describe what each product does.
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  6. Customer Experience (CX) includes a combination of multiple elements that translate to a customer’s satisfaction with the experience and her overall perception of your brand. As marketers, what more can we do to ensure this is a positive, fruitful journey for her? Let’s look at some best practices.

    In 2019, Marketers and CMOs can leverage MarTech in innovative ways to stand out in these times of information overload. Let’s start by setting the context with some perspectives about customer experience.
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  7. Delivering an incredible customer experience is top of mind for every business today. Customers expect to be treated like celebrities by brands. They expect brands to know them, understand their preferences, and deliver relevant experiences. Experience has become the currency of brand loyalty and retention. More than half (55%) of companies surveyed by Gartner Research reported their digital ambition is to create a better customer experience.

    Global businesses know they need to enable all lines of business to create holistic experiences, because differentiating only on price or product features is no longer a viable growth strategy. A 2018 Forrester Consulting study of global enterprises found that experience-driven businesses grow revenues 1.4x the rate of other companies and enjoy significantly higher customer retention rates.
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  8. Customer experience is a memory. An impression that can stick in the mind for a minute or a lifetime. A positive experience can result in lasting loyalty, endorsement, and evangelism. A poor experience, on the other hand, can almost instantly mean the end of a brand relationship.

    PwC reports that 79% of customers rate customer experience as the most important component of the purchasing decision after product quality and price. According to this research, 59% of consumers who love a brand are prepared to forsake it after having a series of poor experiences. The firm also claims that 17% will walk away after only one bad experience. Needless to say, this is concerning for any business.
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  9. Customer experience is the interactions between the customer and the enterprise in the business relationship. It may include awareness, exploration, evaluation, purchase decision, retention, and after-sales service. The enterprises are always focusing on delivering better customer experience at every step of the customer buying process, not only for sales but also for customer retention. This process helps the enterprises to stay competitive in the market for the long run.
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  10. How do you know your customers are really satisfied and have achieved their desired outcomes while using your product or service? How do you understand your customer churn rate and avoid losing your customers before they actually walk away? With customer success software, you can do exactly all those things and so much more. That’s why customer success teams, account managers, and sales executives often rely on customer success software to achieve amazing results.
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