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  1. It is more sensible to take a macro-level view by the peak-end rule. The peak-end rule says that customers remember their peak-experience with a brand, rather than specific interactions. So, to ensure customer loyalty, you need to create positive emotional peak experiences for customers.
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  2. A new research report titled, ‘Global Customer Experience Monitoring Market Research Report’ has been added to the vast repository of research reports by Garner Insights. The report presents the current landscape and the growth prospects of the Global Customer Experience Monitoring Market during the forecast period, along with the market dynamics such as the growth drivers, restraints, challenges, threats, and the potential growth opportunities.
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  3. Getting an edge over your competition can be a challenge for retailers today, however, experts at the Smart Stores Expo 2018 exhibition noted that there are a wealth of solutions, ranging from robotics to design and smart payment, that retailers can utilise to help them.

    Held under the theme 'Explore the Future of Smart Retail', this year's event is dedicated to helping players in the industry reinvent their businesses in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.
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  4. Ninety-one per cent of retailers expect online revenue growth this year, and are focusing on personalisation, mobile and customer experience, according to a new report by SLI Systems.

    The 2018 E-commerce Performance Indicators and Confidence (EPIC) report highlights focus areas for the year, areas of investment and analyses how mobile initiatives have been used since the year prior.
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  5. Australian consumers want a faster in-store retail experience complemented by customer service-enhancing technologies, according to a survey conducted by SOTI.

    The international research, which surveyed consumers in Australia, North America, the UK and Europe, delivered some surprising results.
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  6. If you have followed carefully throughout the previous instalments, by now, you would be able to create a good CRM strategy.

    You’ve learnt specific topics like e-commerce and handling conflict. And also, you’ve been told that if you want to be successful, your CRM initiative needs to keep moving forward. What’s now left are some how-to-do’s for sustaining your CRM effort.

    In this instalment, we’ll apply a process for assessing, aligning, and continually renewing your CRM strategy.
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  7. Consider the Porsche. Sleek and beautiful, you know it’s a great car the minute you see one. Yet the real beauty lies in what’s under the hood. That’s where the power comes from. That’s what makes it a performance vehicle.

    For companies, customers engage because you bring them something wonderful, something they want. When you do, they expect a certain level of service behind it, an excellent end-to-end experience.
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  8. Today's organizations make all kinds of data-related promises, although the customer experiences they deliver don't always align. While there's no shortage of data available, companies aren't always able to leverage it as adeptly as they claim.
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  9. The Global Customer Experience Management Market report is a significant structure of the major categorization of the Customer Experience Management market. Each segment is quickly and evenly advancing and studied through Customer Experience Management examination. The market observes, serving of the Customer Experience Management market, size of every section and sub-section. The basic acute credible results related to the Customer Experience Management primary expeditiously growing segments of the Customer Experience Management market additionally are added in this report.
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  10. Is customer experience an important search engine ranking factor? There are a number of different factors that go into how a website will rank on Google. For example, one is the number of links pointing at your site, and another is the makeup of the keywords that you choose to put on your page. But these are only two, and there are a whole range of other factors that determine how your site is going to rank for a certain keyword.
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