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  1. What do you suppose keeps marketers up at night? Well, according to a recently published Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs survey, 68 percent of technology content marketers said their top challenge is creating content for multiple roles. And according to a 2019 Adobe digital trends survey (download required), more than half (55 percent) of respondents said one of their top three priorities for this year is the better use of data for more effective audience segmentation and targeting.
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  2. When we look at customer experience leaders today, it’s not surprising to find they have a number of things in common. From a macro level, we see that many of the individual strategies and tactics these leaders deploy roll up to three high-level areas of strategic focus: customer centricity, operational excellence and digital transformation, and the places where they intersect.

    We see these brought to life in companies of all sizes ranging from hyper-growth startups to some of the most successful technology and financial services companies you can think of.

    The good news is no matter what business you’re in, you can learn from these folks, and apply these lessons to your business as well.
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  3. Would you like to gather real time feedback from your online visitors as they set out to achieve their goals on your website? Perhaps you are doing this already but struggle to manage the data and pick out the important trends? If so, tune in to our upcoming webinar where we will be joined by special guest Marieke Verbossen from major travel organisation and winner of the Shopping Award’s Publieksprijs XL (for Vacations & Travel Tickets), TUI. She will share some interesting details of how TUI gathers and gets the most out of their online customer feedback data.
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  4. It might seem like a good idea to use email to resolve customer issues or to simply solve customer issues wherever they find you. It’s simple. It’s cost-saving. But you know what else it is? Messy and risky. Messy, because your communications with customers are all over the place. There’s not a single, unified platform to manage your customers. Risky, because you can easily overlook customers’ messages from email. While it may be unintentional, you are more likely to neglect your customer issues and lose them, which isn’t exactly good for business. Enter customer service software.
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  5. In most cases, price alone isn't the biggest factor in the low conversion rates that some websites see--it's subpar customer experiences. That's according to research by Qubit, a website optimization company, which decided to gauge just how valuable customer experiences are by analyzing more than 1.2 billion mobile website interactions.

    The same is true for more than just website visits, though. If you want a cup of coffee or a box of Band-Aids, you could find a store for both on pretty much any street in any city. Companies that compete for your attention and loyalty these days can't really offer unique products anymore--after all, thousands of other companies in thousands of other cities offer the same.
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  6. Building a great product or solution is essential, but a company won’t go very far if it can’t provide a robust customer experience. With 73 percent of clients worldwide indicating that it’s an important factor in purchasing decisions, businesses have to ensure excellent customer experience to not only meet demand but also keep up with the competition.

    Companies also need to understand that expectations and demands are high. People care about having access to instant, consistent, and contextual conversations with customer support teams across several channels. As such, it’s imperative that they’re available on channels customers already trust and enjoy.
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  7. A new study from UserTesting should sober up email marketers, and just about anyone involved with the customer experience.

    Of 1,600 professionals surveyed, 85% say their customer experience needs improvement.

    Worse, 44% have never heard of the term digital transformation -- a key part of improving customer engagement -- if you believe the report. And digital transformation ranks near the bottom of present and future trends.

    The study shows that 34% in the process of undergoing a digital transformation. Another 28% don’t know what that is, and 16% are simply not doing it. Only 22% say they are done.
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  8. With a history spanning over five decades, Virgin Group is a collection of more than 400 companies across several industries around the world. Be it riding the rails with Virgin Trains, spending the night in a Virgin Hotel, or placing calls with Virgin Mobile, Virgin companies are renowned for offering a unique and exceptional customer experience. While Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, has made many statements on the topic of serving customers well over the years, he has equally many things to say about treating employees well, as evidenced above.
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  9. Providing a single repository that delivers a 360-degree view of the customer enables an organization to deliver a highly differentiated and much more engaging customer experience (CX). Brands who leverage a CDP are already proving how IT and marketing teams can work together to drive business success.

    As organizations deploy their first CDP use cases, or plan to do so, Adobe’s experts have some important tips that can help improve the chance of success with these projects. The most important is that the CDP must support both known and unknown data. An unknown contact is one that may not be a registered or named user yet is still a valid contact or website visitor. Adobe has designed their use case with the capability to bring together known and unknown data to activate real-time customer profiles across channels throughout the customer journey.
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  10. Any retail marketer knows that customer experience is critical. With numerous touch points — web site, in-store, Amazon, advertisements, contact centers and more — retailers are more responsible than ever for providing a great experience for customers regardless of the channel.

    The one aspect that factors into every customer touch point is content. Whether it is product information or a content marketing campaign, all details must be consistent — and in the customer’s language. According to a recent Forrester report, 80% of business leaders believe that content challenges prevent them from delivering on their business objectives. This is not very surprising when you consider the volume and velocity of digital content that makes its way across all of the customer communication channels. This level of content can be tough to manage if businesses do not have the right strategies in place.
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