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  1. The finance industry has been undergoing quite a few changes over the last few years. Financial institutions that were once very traditional are now looking to adopt best practices used by more agile and flexible FinTech organisations. These practices that will not only enable these organisations to adapt to a fast-changing and increasingly tech-driven industry ecosystem, but also meet the rising expectations of their research-savvy and technologically inclined customer base.
    In this article, we will analyse the current state of the financial industry as well as summarise 5 best practices for Financial Companies entering into the ‘Digital Age’ .
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  2. In the past month, the pillars of the digital transformation has been discussed —shifting our focus from technology to the behaviors that drive the digital transformation. I believe that the complete transformation is only possible if the right kind of organization is built, an organization that believes in the possible. To build these organizations, Every organization needs to fully understand the meaning of each pillar. There is no pillar that is more important than the next. Just like in a building, you need all the pillars to stand tall. So, let’s first get a deeper understanding into how experiences drive the digital transformation.
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  3. Providing great customer service is a challenge for many businesses today.

    Companies like Amazon and Zappos have raised in the bar in terms of what customers expect, and there are an increasing number of tools and technologies that businesses people can use to improve their support.

    So, I asked 14 customer service and customer experience experts this question:

    What's the biggest customer service challenges today's companies are facing and how can they overcome it?

    Here's what they said...
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  4. The role of digital marketing for customer experience, in particular, has become key with online and bricks-and-mortar retailers alike. The digital approach is helping them implement new strategic technologies to win new and retain existing customers.
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  5. QYMarketResearch recently delivers a latest research report entitled “Effective Market Analysis of Global Customer Experience Management Industry 2018” which highlights the Customer Experience Management market size, comprehensive Customer Experience Management industry dynamics and high-tech updates of global Customer Experience Management market concerning Customer Experience Management industry challenges, risk, constraints, opportunities, cost structure and modern trends in the Customer Experience Management industry. This Customer Experience Management study guide consist of top Customer Experience Management manufacturers, Customer Experience Management market segmentation by Types, Application and Customer Experience Management market division based on geographical locations. The Customer Experience Management research report basically focuses on giving an in-depth Customer Experience Management research analysis and forecast for Customer Experience Management Market from 2018 to 2023.
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  6. Now more than ever, marketers have a variety of new and traditional options in their toolboxes. In addition to tried-and-true foundational practices, our group of professionals shared their insights into new ways of approaching demand generation, improving content marketing, and leveraging early forms of machine learning and AI — all within the framework of a vastly expanded appreciation of the central role of the customer experience.
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  7. As the lines between offline and online are blurring, store retailers and online retailers are both redefining the way they function to engage customers and create better experiences for them. Amalgamation of online and offline marketing strategies makes purchasing more rewarding and easier for the customer.
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  8. As the digital economy deepens and grows more mature, customers are demanding more and more from businesses. They have seen what it’s like to interact with world-class organizations like Amazon, Facebook, and Spotify, to name just a few, and they have come to expect that level of service and expertise.
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  9. The current trend in e-commerce marketplace has stretched its wings in various directions today, in comparison to how it started. Today’s e-commerce marketplace is no more just an online platform where people can buy or sell things but much more, from being hyperlocal to infusing artificial intelligence to offering even intangible goods and services like GST compliance or short-term loans, e-commerce marketplace has evolved rapidly.
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  10. The workplace is evolving and there are a myriad of choices to made when considering which technology your organization utilizes and supports. In the enterprise, decisions like this are typically made by a group of stakeholders who represent different parts of the organization but who is often left out of the process, is the users of the technology and all of the niche ways they may interact with digital workplace technologies.
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