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  1. There are phenomenal companies that have achieved outstanding results in the banking and Fintech industry. Some of them are very well known, but most are not. What makes a digital banking superstar? Working with hundreds of financial professionals worldwide, we have extracted 10 digital banking trends that characterize the approach of really successful financial businesses. All of them are closely connected to the ability to integrate user-centricity at all levels of the company.
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  2. Banks face more competition than ever before to attract and retain new customers. A new era of online retail experiences means customers have elevated expectations traditional banks often fail to meet.

    This wouldn’t be such an issue for banks if they didn’t also face increasing competition from non-traditional players in the financial services industry. These players focus on the customer experience, while banks fail to do so.
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  3. Many management pundits claim that we are living in the experience economy. One of the most notable work in this direction was published by Pine and Gilmore in 1999 – The Experience Economy. The book rightly asserts that organisations undergo an evolution in their business model from trading to developing branded products and ultimately delivering a great experience that makes the brand sticky. Interestingly, there are a few industries that are still not up to speed with this idea. Consider telecom, banking, airlines, or insurance, and you may concur with my thoughts. These industries are far behind in the race of delivering memorable customer experience when compared with internet companies like Amazon, Airbnb, or even PayPal for that matter.
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