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  1. Almost every retailer out there will tell you they need to be more innovative, and that this is hard. Retail has long been an industry focused on buying low, selling high, and optimizing everything in between. Shifting to meet an expectation of providing content, services, experience, engagement and more – this is a big shift, and not easily accomplished. Some retailers – vertically integrated brands, or those with private label merchandise – might be good at product innovation, but that is a far cry from process innovation – and that is a large part of what retailers need right now, as they try to make the shift to be more relevant to consumers.
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  2. Cultivating confident and loyal consumers in the digital age is dependent entirely on eliminating hassle. As evidenced with digital disruptors like Casper’s “fold em’ and deliver em’” mattresses or the lifestyle musings of Away’s expertly crafted luggage, today’s successful brands are identifying what makes their customers tick, and transcending their immediate needs. In many ways, these brands are expertly creating their own microcosmic culture—one where the combined appeal of convenience, luxury and knowledge is at arm’s reach, all thanks to a brand’s expertise.
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  3. When thinking about innovation, don’t just think of technology. Consider the customer experience.

    “It’s about the connection,” Nicholas Webb said during a keynote address at CU Direct’s Drive 18 Conference Thursday in Grapevine, Texas. “It’s the way we understand our customers.”
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  4. Auriga, an expert software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider, has once again earned its place among the most innovative, responsible, and dedicated outsourcing companies in the world and enjoyed additional distinction for the sustained excellent performance it has demonstrated for over a decade.
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  5. Customer-centric retailing and selling are the new business models. The new model goes beyond the traditional horizon of omnichannel, breaking down the lofty walls between internal intent silos and the potent customer experience platforms.
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  6. Whether you’re part of an enterprise organization or running a growing business, time is something nobody has enough of. It’s impossible to add more hours into our day, but it is possible to make the hours we have work harder for us, especially when it comes to executing customer experience (CX) strategies.
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  7. At Modern Customer Experience 2018, I was up to my eyeballs with fantastic CX insights and exciting innovations. Here are three of my top takeaways.
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  8. The world comes at us at 150+ miles an hour, every day. Each new moment thrusts upon us decision points, which shape our next steps. As we barrel through this speedway of change called life, there are key pillars of support that drive our achievement. Sometimes the best way to ‘speed up’ and reach our goals is to ‘slow down’ and re-focus on how we get there together, as a CX immersed team.
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  9. There are often two camps when it comes to customer experience: those who think automation and technology is the future, and those who think humans will still perform every task. However, perhaps the most likely scenario is one championed by David Clarke, Global CxO & Experience Consulting Leader, Digital Principal at PwC, who believes future success in customer experience comes from a combination of people plus technology.
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  10. Chatbots are a simple and fun way to help shoppers find what they are looking for and enhance their online customer experience. Thanks to recent advances, web developers are now creating chatbots that are ever-more human, aiding the flow of communication by recognizing verbal patterns and interpreting non-verbal signs.
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