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  1. I like to view customer experience as a combination of themes and capabilities that ensure the right product is designed for a problem, and the right set of integrated services are designed to support customers during various phases of solution ownership.

    There are 14 common journeys I consider to be the starting point. Each of them have a predetermined map incorporating the objectives that a customer must reach each step of the way. This starting point ensures that no journey, or experiencer is overlooked.
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  2. Aside from product quality and pricing, customer experience is another major factor that influences people’s purchase decisions. In fact, one-third of consumers in a PwC survey said they would leave a brand after a single bad experience, and nearly half are willing to leave a brand they love if they’ve had several bad experiences.
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  3. According to McKinsey, 75% of online customers expect service within 5 minutes – and successfully delivering that requires an effective technology foundation. The right CX platform is a critical part of that foundation. On premise, off premise, in the cloud – there are so many different options companies face when building a CX stack. Let’s take a closer look at what on premise cloud is, how it can support your CX technologies, and the steps you can take to maximize its effectiveness.
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  4. Most companies employ product development or operational excellence programs to drive innovation in those areas. But what about innovation in customer experience (CX)? If CX is a top priority for your organization – and it should be, given that leading CX companies build greater customer loyalty, make employees happier, achieve revenue gains of 5-10%, and reduce costs by 15-25%, according to McKinsey -- you need to ignite innovation in CX. CX innovation must be a deliberate, distinct, disciplined effort.

    CX innovation differs from other kinds of innovation. Instead of starting with a product, service, or core technology, innovation in CX starts with the customer and her journey. Innovation that’s dedicated to CX is new to most organizations, so it won’t just happen -- you have to initiate it and then develop it into an ongoing practice. Even if you know that innovation in CX is the primary way to compete and win today, you might not know how to get started. Here are three strategies to spark CX innovation:
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  5. Every successful company knows that customer experience (CX) is important and that developing and refining it to delight customers is a priority.

    However, there’s often a debate about who should own the customer experience project. Should it be outsourced to a bunch of consultants or subject matter experts? Or should it be managed in-house by a cross-functional team?
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  6. When I think of a hospital I think of fear and bad vibes. Patients are afraid of staff, and staff are scared of being sued. We think of aloof doctors and under-appreciated administration. Vulnerable patients are abrasively stuffed into a system that doesn't want them there.

    The hospital that morphs itself into a luxury hotel, now that's something to think about. It all comes down to innovation and customer experience.

    Here are 10 examples of customer experience innovation that transform the hospital to be more like a luxury hotel.
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  7. In recent years, I’ve noticed my online shopping experiences have become more personalized. The data that online retailers have collected on me has been used to sell me the appropriate products at the appropriate time, creating an enhanced shopper journey. However, this trend has only occurred online and not in physical brick-and-mortar stores. So how do offline retailers adapt? During a recent panel discussion at the 2018 GMA Leadership Forum, this topic was discussed in-depth by retail industry thought leaders.
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  8. Now more than ever, marketers have a variety of new and traditional options in their toolboxes. In addition to tried-and-true foundational practices, our group of professionals shared their insights into new ways of approaching demand generation, improving content marketing, and leveraging early forms of machine learning and AI — all within the framework of a vastly expanded appreciation of the central role of the customer experience.
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  9. The current trend in e-commerce marketplace has stretched its wings in various directions today, in comparison to how it started. Today’s e-commerce marketplace is no more just an online platform where people can buy or sell things but much more, from being hyperlocal to infusing artificial intelligence to offering even intangible goods and services like GST compliance or short-term loans, e-commerce marketplace has evolved rapidly.
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  10. An innovation has brought another award to the Indianapolis International Airport. The Airports Council International-North America has named the airport's human-powered charging stations as one of the Best Innovative Consumer Experiences or Practices among airports.
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