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  1. Customer expectations are rapidly evolving. The pace of technology innovation is relentless. How will your business need to adapt or rethink the way you deliver customer experiences to stay competitive in the year ahead?

    Check out these CX predictions from our Beyond the Arc team on what we expect to see in 2018…
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  2. Leading brands know that running a successful business is more than selling and making a profit; long-term success is defined by a brand’s ability to form a lasting connection with its customers. In addition, customers are increasingly looking to humanize the brands they do business with.

    While blogs, newsletters, and traditional social media have been reliable tools for connecting with customers in the past, the prevalence and popularity of these tactics mean that brand leaders need to think one step ahead if they want to continue creating unique and personal customer experiences.

    Looking for some inspiration for creating meaningful connections online? Here are 5 innovative ways to connect with customers digitally...
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  3. Confirmit wanted to find out how CX (Customer Experience) practitioners could develop a holistic approach to their domains through tactics such as improving the survey and re-evaluating KPIs, and exploration of new and additional technologies available to CX Professionals (text, social, and predictive analytics & Video and speech).
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