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  1. Most companies employ product development or operational excellence programs to drive innovation in those areas. But what about innovation in customer experience (CX)? If CX is a top priority for your organization – and it should be, given that leading CX companies build greater customer loyalty, make employees happier, achieve revenue gains of 5-10%, and reduce costs by 15-25%, according to McKinsey -- you need to ignite innovation in CX. CX innovation must be a deliberate, distinct, disciplined effort.

    CX innovation differs from other kinds of innovation. Instead of starting with a product, service, or core technology, innovation in CX starts with the customer and her journey. Innovation that’s dedicated to CX is new to most organizations, so it won’t just happen -- you have to initiate it and then develop it into an ongoing practice. Even if you know that innovation in CX is the primary way to compete and win today, you might not know how to get started. Here are three strategies to spark CX innovation:
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  2. With the explosion of social media feedback tools, there are now countless ways your customers can rate you what happened during their experience and how they feel about your organization, products and services.

    Customer feedback is not a new concept. It is now much easier for the everyday customer to applaud your efforts – or voice their concerns – of your organization. The tools we use today are different and more democratized.

    So here’s the question: what is your organization doing with that real-time customer feedback? And, more consciously, are you using those ideas, thoughts and suggestions to strengthen their experience with your organization? Are you using your customer’s feedback to spark innovation within your organization?

    Here are five actionable items that can help you start using customer feedback to drive performance and innovation for your organization.
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  3. With each passing year, omnichannel customer service and personalised experiences have become the norm. Strategic partnerships with disruptors, like UberEATS, have become so ubiquitous that they're no longer considered innovative.

    Companies must move beyond the idea that personalised content is enough, as personalised experiences offer so much more.
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  4. Whether it’s contact by phone, email, internet self-service, web chat, social media, chatbot or video, our latest digital customer study reveals what consumers around the world want from the organisations they deal with.

    The 2017 research, which we did late last year in partnership with Cisco, explores consumer behaviour across 10 countries. It reveals a major shift in how people want to talk with organisations.
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  5. I write this post to not just sound the alarm, but to stimulate some useful discussion about why CX is failing, and what to do about it.

    To start off, I’ll share what learned from a discussion with Paul Hagen, a former Forrester CX analyst now head of Customer Experience & Innovation Strategy at West Monroe Partners. Like me, he’s worried about CX’s future, wondering “when with the term go away” as executives “focus on the next shiny object.”
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  6. Across the globe, there’s been accelerated adoption of technology across industries – transport, logistics, retail, manufacturing and food. However, travel and hospitality industry has historically depended on people to deliver customer experience. Even in the digital travel business, we expect that to change in the future.
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  7. The public launch of Amazon Go Monday represents a slew of technology advancements and customer experience innovation as the Seattle-based supermarket, boasting a cashierless checkout, is delivering on a range of customer wants and needs.
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  8. Customer expectations are rapidly evolving. The pace of technology innovation is relentless. How will your business need to adapt or rethink the way you deliver customer experiences to stay competitive in the year ahead?

    Check out these CX predictions from our Beyond the Arc team on what we expect to see in 2018…
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  9. Confirmit wanted to find out how CX (Customer Experience) practitioners could develop a holistic approach to their domains through tactics such as improving the survey and re-evaluating KPIs, and exploration of new and additional technologies available to CX Professionals (text, social, and predictive analytics & Video and speech).
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