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  1. Most companies employ product development or operational excellence programs to drive innovation in those areas. But what about innovation in customer experience (CX)? If CX is a top priority for your organization – and it should be, given that leading CX companies build greater customer loyalty, make employees happier, achieve revenue gains of 5-10%, and reduce costs by 15-25%, according to McKinsey -- you need to ignite innovation in CX. CX innovation must be a deliberate, distinct, disciplined effort.

    CX innovation differs from other kinds of innovation. Instead of starting with a product, service, or core technology, innovation in CX starts with the customer and her journey. Innovation that’s dedicated to CX is new to most organizations, so it won’t just happen -- you have to initiate it and then develop it into an ongoing practice. Even if you know that innovation in CX is the primary way to compete and win today, you might not know how to get started. Here are three strategies to spark CX innovation:
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  2. Whenever I hear about an organization with a "chief customer officer," my first thought is, "well, shouldn't that be everyone's job?"

    It really should, and maybe that will help what appears to be an increasingly dire situation. A recent study by Forrester Research states that the average customer experience (CX) is getting worse, not better. "The data also shows that trust in companies has dropped precipitously," according to a report in Marketing. The report urges companies to engage their employees more intimately with the CX process, and even make it "an internal disruptive force" within the organization, with plenty of corporate culture consideration. "CX teams have implicitly covered culture change in the past, but it’s becoming more enshrined in their roles. That’s because the CX skill set transfers well to employees."
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  3. With the help of LEGO bricks, Stefan Thomke helps business executives discover how design principles can serve as building blocks to create a great customer experience.
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