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  1. The customer journey has transformed from a marketing industry buzzword to an integral part of many companies’ marketing and customer experience strategies, but there’s still a major consideration that most are overlooking.
    An eye-opening 76% of customers report that they receive conflicting answers from different customer service agents. This lack of consistency creates frustration and a poor customer experience even when a problem is solved. When answers differ between representatives in the same organization, customers recognize the disjointed feeling of their interactions. It’s no longer enough to just map and track individual customers along a single journey -- brands need to account for the fact that a modern customer can be on multiple journeys within the brand at the same time and provide seamless transitions between those business segments.
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  2. Customer Experience (CX) includes a combination of multiple elements that translate to a customer’s satisfaction with the experience and her overall perception of your brand. As marketers, what more can we do to ensure this is a positive, fruitful journey for her? Let’s look at some best practices.

    In 2019, Marketers and CMOs can leverage MarTech in innovative ways to stand out in these times of information overload. Let’s start by setting the context with some perspectives about customer experience.
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  3. In recent years, inbound marketing has seen a boom in popularity. Businesses of every shape, size, and industry have started adopting the inbound methodology to attract visitors and turn contacts into clients. Unfortunately, the final step of the inbound methodology—delighting customers—has been talked about quite a bit less than other topics, such as writing a killer e-book or organic keyword rankings. But that’s all about to change.

    As more and more brands turn to inbound marketing, the competition will grow only fiercer, making it even more important to focus on a positive customer experience (CX). After all, if a customer has a negative experience with your brand, what’s stopping them from turning to a competitor that can offer them the same services and content? By focusing on customer success and support, organizations will be able to increase the lifetime value of their current customers, decrease the cost of acquisition for future customers, and turn passive customers into enthusiastic promoters.
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  4. What Ian is saying is that there are different departments working on the customer's journey. From marketing, which positions the company in the marketplace, to communications, which pushes the message out further, to sales, which is the official name we've given to the process of the point where the customer buys. And then, once they are a customer, we try to get them to come back, moving them from one-time buyers to repeat buyers.

    My original post was about creating a special department or team that focuses on creating loyalty from the casual or one-time buyer. I still believe that's an effort worth investing in. But, Ian's response warranted a response:
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  5. BrightEdge, a leader in enterprise SEO and content performance marketing, made these startling observations related to the role of AI in their recently released report, titled, 2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey.
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  6. A modern business understands the importance of offering a seamless customer experience. However, consumers tend to be more demanding nowadays. This brings out the challenge of optimizing your customer journey to ensure that you’re offering a successful multi-channel approach.

    A successfully optimized customer journey can help your company meet the customers’ demands and meet the key objectives. This can only be achieved by having multiple teams working towards the same goal.
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  7. Simplicity is a basic tenet of customer experience, but it is often overlooked in favor of a company’s outdated rules or procedures. Doing simple better means aiming for the fewest clicks (or taps) possible to complete a digital task, allowing a customer to easily talk to a human being on the phone if they need to, and writing legal terms and conditions in language customers can understand.
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  8. Consumers are gradually starting to ignore sales pitches and tune out the invasive marketing methods that many businesses still employ regularly. And subsequently, these changes have made way for a new method of bringing in new customers – inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has recently become a very popular method of marketing among digital-first businesses, especially in terms of content marketing – which is considered a subset of inbound marketing. As a result, many content and inbound marketing tools have since been developed to make these strategies more efficient.
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  9. Do you know where your customer data is?

    If you’re like many marketers, your customer data is split across multiple systems and databases. In a Harvard Business Review survey, only 13% of executives had a unified view of their customer with a single source of customer intelligence to integrate the entire customer journey.
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  10. Adobe and Econsultancy have released a new report that covers the key differences between Asia Pacific (APAC) marketers and their North American and European counterparts when it comes to adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and investment in digital skills.

    Notably, the report found that APAC marketers are focusing on making the experience as personalized and relevant as possible, while the main focus for North American and European respondents is on making the experience as valuable as possible.
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