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  1. In an increasingly connected world, a high-quality and efficient customer experience is more important than ever
    And customers expect their experience to be seamless, digital, and hassle-free — emphasis on “digital.”

    Businesses now find themselves in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution – the proliferation of next-generation technologies – where the growth of the cloud economy has made accessibility and shareability of resources instantaneous. This means customers will not tolerate slow or clunky processes from brands. As technology moves on, so too must the experience of the customer.
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  2. We chat with BT Financial group's digital and customer analytics chief about the digital overhaul and analytics investments being made at the group
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  3. Another year has passed and Digital Customer Experience (CX) finds itself – once again – at the top of many business agendas. Not surprisingly however, considering many experts are calling CX ‘the new battlefield’. Dramatic, I know – but there is some truth in the expression. In fact, 2018 is the year Gartner predicted that more than 50% of organisations will redirect their investments towards customer experience innovations. So why is there such a high demand to provide a good digital customer experience? And as a result, what kinds of innovations and trends can we expect to see this year?
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  4. So, what can brands do to fix the customer experience and prevent customers from going to a competitor? The answer is probably much simpler than you think: Take the intimacy, connectivity and conversational experience from the in-person/offline world and inject it into the digital world.
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  5. More than ever before, customer experience is now defined by digital interactions, with the majority of consumers now relying on email, SMS, web chat and social media to communicate. Research has shown that customers now use three or more channels when reaching out for customer support, meaning that if your organisation fails to offer these services, they risk losing out on vital business. This white paper outlines seven steps to help your organisation create a successful digital customer experience.
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  6. Simplicity is a basic tenet of customer experience, but it is often overlooked in favor of a company’s outdated rules or procedures. Doing simple better means aiming for the fewest clicks (or taps) possible to complete a digital task, allowing a customer to easily talk to a human being on the phone if they need to, and writing legal terms and conditions in language customers can understand.
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  7. Back then, managing expectations was the key to customer success, but in today’s hyper-connected world, things have changed. The customer is now firmly in control, digitally empowered, spoilt for choice and more fickle than ever before.
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  8. Businesses that focus on customer experience have the capacity to significantly outpace their competitors, according to Adobe’s Digital Trends 2018 report.

    The report, published in association with Econsultancy, surveyed 13,000 marketing, creative and technology professionals in the US, APAC and EMEA to look at the most significant trends impacting digital strategies in the short term. This year’s report also benchmarks businesses’ 2017 performance against their goals and priorities, to uncover strategies and investment choices that lead to higher business performance.
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  9. Digitalisation seems to be transforming businesses across every industry. It is an actively discussed topic around the world and widely included in the strategies of companies, institutions, and societies. However, after the financial crisis in 2008, while other industries have been concentrating on how to build their businesses in the digital age, financial services have been concentrating on survival, correcting internal processes, and adapting into the tightening regulatory environment to avoid similar crises in the future.
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  10. Factors such as pricing, useful functionalities (which meet your goals) and user experience are all important and should always be taken into account when choosing a customer feedback software.

    So whether it’s an additional feature you don’t want to pay for or you’re just looking for something they don’t offer, there are always alternatives to choose from. Here are 10 alternatives to Medallia for Digital, if not better in some respects…
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