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  1. We hear companies throwing around common phrases like, ‘Customer centricity is at the heart of our organisation’ and ‘We’re very much in tune with the needs of our customers’. Not surprisingly, seeing as how according to a study carried out by Bain and company, 80% of organisations they surveyed believed that they were providing a superior customer experience to their customers. Meanwhile, just 8% of their customers shared this opinion. Only eight percent! This is a huge disconnect and gap in perception, one that is commonly referred to as the customer experience gap.
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  2. Getting an edge over your competition can be a challenge for retailers today, however, experts at the Smart Stores Expo 2018 exhibition noted that there are a wealth of solutions, ranging from robotics to design and smart payment, that retailers can utilise to help them.

    Held under the theme 'Explore the Future of Smart Retail', this year's event is dedicated to helping players in the industry reinvent their businesses in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.
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  3. E-commerce business models are undergoing a dramatic shift. Initially businesses relied on consumers to do the 'heavy lifting' to discover the product and to make the purchase decision. The vendor's role was to ensure that the product was discoverable and — most importantly — available at the geographic location where the transaction potentially would take place.
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  4. As the digital economy deepens and grows more mature, customers are demanding more and more from businesses. They have seen what it’s like to interact with world-class organizations like Amazon, Facebook, and Spotify, to name just a few, and they have come to expect that level of service and expertise.
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  5. The workplace is evolving and there are a myriad of choices to made when considering which technology your organization utilizes and supports. In the enterprise, decisions like this are typically made by a group of stakeholders who represent different parts of the organization but who is often left out of the process, is the users of the technology and all of the niche ways they may interact with digital workplace technologies.
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  6. Online content and digital assets are present in every stage of the online customer journeyfrom awareness and promotion to purchasing and brand loyalty. Whether this content is used for marketing purposes or purely for design, its the flesh and bones that shape your whole brand identity. And that is precisely why its important to get yourself on the right track towards crafting a winning content strategy. The question is: how?
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  7. American businessman Kenny Guinn once famously remarked: “There is something permanent, and extremely profound, in owning a home.” The statement has a distinct ring of truth about it. And who would know that better than Lodha Group?
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  8. Another year has passed and Digital Customer Experience (CX) finds itself – once again – at the top of many business agendas. Not surprisingly however, considering many experts are calling CX ‘the new battlefield’. Dramatic, I know – but there is some truth in the expression. In fact, 2018 is the year Gartner predicted that more than 50% of organisations will redirect their investments towards customer experience innovations. So why is there such a high demand to provide a good digital customer experience? And as a result, what kinds of innovations and trends can we expect to see this year?
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  9. People access the internet on mobile devices more often than desktop computers, and that trend started years ago. It's also been well over a year since "mobilegeddon," when Google updated its algorithms to penalize websites without mobile counterparts.

    With so many websites shifting to responsive design, consumers now turn to the mobile web and apps to address online shopping needs. Early adopters make purchases directly from their smartphones. Others use mobile devices to quickly look up items, consume product-specific content and discuss options with peers -- any time, anywhere.
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  10. For decades, the retail industry stood strong. Retailers emerged fairly unscathed during the first wave of the internet in the ’90s because consumers still by and large chose to shop in physical stores staffed with employees that strived to provide customer service. So, it was business as usual with a small number of wary execs cautiously eyeing the growing shift toward ecommerce.
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