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  1. Building a great product or solution is essential, but a company won’t go very far if it can’t provide a robust customer experience. With 73 percent of clients worldwide indicating that it’s an important factor in purchasing decisions, businesses have to ensure excellent customer experience to not only meet demand but also keep up with the competition.

    Companies also need to understand that expectations and demands are high. People care about having access to instant, consistent, and contextual conversations with customer support teams across several channels. As such, it’s imperative that they’re available on channels customers already trust and enjoy.
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  2. I like to think that we follow the golden rule: market to others as you would like to be marketed to. This really boils down to putting Customer Experience (CX) first. Being ‘customer-obsessed’ is certainly in vogue, as the Ritz-Carlton, Trader Joe’s, Netflix and others that made Forbes’ Most Customer-Obsessed Companies In 2018 list will tell you. But how can companies actually go about putting their customers first?
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  3. Getting fitted for a suit or purchasing clothes to one's preference are known to be best done in person. But a growing number of innovative retailers are finding ways to recreate these experiences online. These retailers use data to deliver personalization in a meaningful way. They are also not focused only on the purchase, but also on customer satisfaction after the purchase.
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  4. BrightEdge, a leader in enterprise SEO and content performance marketing, made these startling observations related to the role of AI in their recently released report, titled, 2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey.
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  5. Panellists including T-Mobile, Chobani, Adobe, Hootsuite and Equinox Fitness predict the rise of new consumer identity management jobs as AI, mixed reality and voice technologies come to the fore.
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  6. Personalization is an essential part of the customer journey – most marketers agree – and it’s absolutely critical that brands deliver a true one-to-one experience to customers. However, they might not be achieving these outcomes yet because they are struggling with personalization. In that same report, 84 percent of senior marketers say the potential of CX personalization has not yet been fully realized, and as such, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area.
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  7. Like an imminent hanging, the looming execution of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has concentrated business leaders’ minds on their customer data. This has been a boon for Customer Data Platform vendors, who have been able to offer their systems as solutions to many GDPR requirements. But it raises some issues as well.
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