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  1. Nearly all supply chain managers responding to a recent survey said they consider customer experience to be important when measuring last-mile performance, while two-thirds of them say they’re held accountable for standard customer experience KPIs such as NPS and CSAT scores.

    Ninety-six percent of respondents to the survey by Convey and eft Supply Chain and Logistics Business Intelligence said customer experience is a critical measure of last-mile success, up from 83% a year ago, while 66% are held accountable for CX KPIs, up from 56%.
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  2. The internet and social media have made customers more networked and connected than ever, and their influence is continuously increasing. When considering a purchase or vetting a new vendor choice, most consumers turn to that brand’s customers, particularly friends or family, to hear about the experience. If their best friend had a brand experience above and beyond the rest, that prospective customer will likely sign up themselves. Brands are now even calculating Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to gauge their customers’ loyalty and willingness to recommend their products and services, and using it as a KPI of their marketing and customer experience management programs.
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  3. Confirmit wanted to find out how CX (Customer Experience) practitioners could develop a holistic approach to their domains through tactics such as improving the survey and re-evaluating KPIs, and exploration of new and additional technologies available to CX Professionals (text, social, and predictive analytics & Video and speech).
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