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  1. Whether it’s contact by phone, email, internet self-service, web chat, social media, chatbot or video, our latest digital customer study reveals what consumers around the world want from the organisations they deal with.

    The 2017 research, which we did late last year in partnership with Cisco, explores consumer behaviour across 10 countries. It reveals a major shift in how people want to talk with organisations.
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  2. NelsonHall and NASSCOM have launched a new study titled Digital Customer Experience Services: How India Can Lead the World which reveals that, despite suggestions that the rise of digital channels will lead to reduced outsourcing and a shift away from offshore service delivery, the opposite is the case – and India is set to benefit.
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  3. Customers are exposed to more choices than ever before, and that means the experience your brand presents them with is make or break for your business. The 2017 report Customers 2020: A Progress Report, by Walker customer experience consulting firm, found that 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. By 2020, customer experience will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator.
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  4. The internet and social media have made customers more networked and connected than ever, and their influence is continuously increasing. When considering a purchase or vetting a new vendor choice, most consumers turn to that brand’s customers, particularly friends or family, to hear about the experience. If their best friend had a brand experience above and beyond the rest, that prospective customer will likely sign up themselves. Brands are now even calculating Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to gauge their customers’ loyalty and willingness to recommend their products and services, and using it as a KPI of their marketing and customer experience management programs.
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  5. Stuart O’Neill, head of SAP Hybris Australia and New Zealand, explains why digital customer experience (CX) must be a company-wide mandate in order for brands to continuously improve interaction across every touchpoint.
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  6. In the world of digital business, organizations have two choices - evolve or get left behind. The need for change has never been as urgent as it is now.

    There has been a good deal of discussion over the past two years as to what change is needed, and who should be driving that change. Even still, it has been difficult to identify what the key elements of a superlative digital and customer experience are.
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