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  1. Welcome to 2019… where digital technologies will start evolving faster than we can adapt. Where customers’ experience expectations will rise above everything else. Where predictive analytics will boost customer experience for good, and where data ethics will become the new competitive advantage. Bottom line: our customers expect now more than ever that the digital customer experiences (CX) we provide are not only seamless and integrated but also more advanced and secure.
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  2. With each passing year, omnichannel customer service and personalised experiences have become the norm. Strategic partnerships with disruptors, like UberEATS, have become so ubiquitous that they're no longer considered innovative.

    Companies must move beyond the idea that personalised content is enough, as personalised experiences offer so much more.
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  3. The big challenge in retail: Customer requests for support tend to surge dramatically over the holidays, in-store or online. At the same time, shoppers are ever more conscious of a retailer’s overall customer experience. Omnichannel customer service is a must. Customers have increasing service expectations for the channel of their preference, not to mention the benefits of a seamless customer experience both in-store and digitally. What’s more, ticket surge will vary by channel. A seamless experience for the customer is increasingly linked to omnichannel retailing.
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  4. An omnichannel customer experience provides a seamless conversation with your company where the customer feels recognized by your support team no matter when or how the customer reaches out for help. A great omnichannel customer experience is backed by a well-thought-out omnichannel support strategy that reduces pain points and removes inconsistencies in your customer service. It also requires software that allows agents to move from one channel to the next, maintaining the thread of conversation and providing smooth support interactions.

    Here are five hurdles an omnichannel solution can help you to overcome.
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  5. With as many as two-thirds of shoppers conducting research online before purchasing a product, the need has never been greater for retailers to understand the ways in which their customers interact with products across multiple sales channels. Furthermore, the best retailers understand that simply setting up a web shop and calling it a day isn’t enough. In order to give customers the best experience possible, service should be personalized to each customer on every platform to deliver tailored product experiences.
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  6. Omni-channel is more than a buzzword. It’s a journey that effectively unites every service channel a customer could use to interact with a business. It provides a more comprehensive approach that leverages all customer data to provide a consistent, seamless and personalized experience that 77 percent of today’s consumers demand.
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  7. The empowered and informed customers of today seek a seamless, integrated, proactive and personalized engagement experience across all touch points, interactions and devices. To meet these needs and become leaders in our connected and digital world, enterprises should streamline their approach to deliver an exceptional customer experience by leveraging the right technologies and solutions. The omnichannel customer experience (CX) is crucial to driving success in companies across a variety of industries. Adopting omnichannel components are also vital to interact productively with employees; thereby increasing operational performance and business outcomes.
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  8. As any retailer knows, in today's society, the customer is always right; and is increasingly more demanding in terms of what they expect when making purchase decisions. The customer now wants to be able to start, continue and complete their purchases anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Our online society facilitates purchase decisions being made, verified, reconsidered, amended or reversed, in any situation and through any possible channel, or indeed a mixture of many. As a result, providing a seamless payment experience that can follow the customer along their journey across the plethora of touch points is essential for a merchant to succeed in the marketplace.
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  9. Amazon, Williams-Sonoma and Kohl’s are the top three brands in ForeSee’s annual Retail Customer Experience (CX) Rankings, which are based on survey data from over 40,000 shoppers across their store, Web, and mobile experiences.

    The report also examines the success of retailers by individual channel — store, Web, and mobile (See chart). Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom each took a top spot in two out of three channels, while Tractor Supply ranked No. 1 in Web.
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