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  1. Customers are reporting lower levels of loyalty than in the past – 59% of high income consumers surveyed in Asia Pacific indicated they were less brand loyal now compared with before. So, if customers are less loyalty-driven, does that mean loyalty programmes are becoming obsolete? Quite the opposite in fact. A well-marketed loyalty programme can drive both customer retention and new customer acquisition for your brand.
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  2. Cultivating confident and loyal consumers in the digital age is dependent entirely on eliminating hassle. As evidenced with digital disruptors like Casper’s “fold em’ and deliver em’” mattresses or the lifestyle musings of Away’s expertly crafted luggage, today’s successful brands are identifying what makes their customers tick, and transcending their immediate needs. In many ways, these brands are expertly creating their own microcosmic culture—one where the combined appeal of convenience, luxury and knowledge is at arm’s reach, all thanks to a brand’s expertise.
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  3. We’re looking for the first members of our customer experience team to build a brand new business and completely change an industry with us. We are a startup creating an iconic brand in insurance* for modern consumers and this is the team that is responsible for doing it.
    The Customer Operations Associate will be the single most important part of our company and will be critical in achieving this mission. They will provide customer care, and in their responses to inbound calls, web chats and email communications turn customers into passionate evangelists.
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  4. There’s no shortage of stories about how millennials are carving their path through the workforce, to how they’re influencing tech, and their impact on the economy.

    Over the past several years, we’ve seen a steady rise in what’s been dubbed the “experience economy” and this can certainly be attributed to the buying power of millennials. Millennials are known for doing things a little differently and how they shop is certainly no exception.
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