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  1. In 2020, chatbots will move from simple customer-based queries to more advanced real-time interactions based on computational modelling. Chatbots have been growing dynamically in the past few years and have managed to take over many sectors and internal roles in the organisation.
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  2. Two years ago, I prognosticated about what might happen with AI in CX in 2018. With the confidence of a seasoned pundit never held to account for his transgressions, I managed to get some readers lathered up about the future-state of AI tech affecting customer experience (CX), marketing, and sales efforts. Looking back, it’s surprising the authorities didn’t indict me as a co-conspirator in various AI hype-crimes.
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  3. 80% of companies consider customer experience to be one of their most powerful competitive differentiators. In order to keep pace and be a disruptor in this digital customer experience battlefield, you should consider tapping into artificial intelligence. Machines and algorithms have become increasingly smart, to an extent that they can pick up the slack and speed up different business processes.

    In this guest post, Qeedle’s Michael Deane shares some of the most effective ways AI-based automation tools can help you wow your customers.
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  4. Cerebri AI's platform uses a machine learning paradigm called reinforcement learning, in which a machine learning model optimizes its actions based on new and historical data to yield the greatest reward. It analyzes digital customer interaction data and generates up to four “next best actions” for the company trying to make a sale, such as sending a marketing email or reaching out from a call center.
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  5. Customer experience has been steadily evolving over the past decade, as new technologies come online and businesses try to provide a better service to customers in the most efficient way possible. AI has been seen as pivotal in this journey, driving more intelligent call handling and streamlining processes through automation.

    To discuss this issue further, TechRadar Pro spoke to Craig Palmer, Director of Customer Experience Transformation EMEA from Verizon in our latest Q&A to find out how AI is impacting the modern contact centre environment and to identify what the core benefits and potential pitfalls are.
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  6. Welcome to 2019… where digital technologies will start evolving faster than we can adapt. Where customers’ experience expectations will rise above everything else. Where predictive analytics will boost customer experience for good, and where data ethics will become the new competitive advantage. Bottom line: our customers expect now more than ever that the digital customer experiences (CX) we provide are not only seamless and integrated but also more advanced and secure.
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  7. Nationwide, which banks 15 million customers in the UK, has enlisted AI from analytics firm SAS to analyze customer interactions more effectively and resolve issues earlier, per Finextra.

    Nationwide's deployment of AI comes amid growing digital transformation efforts from incumbent lenders as they look to reduce operational costs and improve how they service customers. In September 2018, for example, Nationwide announced its intention to step up its digital transformation, saying it would invest a further £1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) on technology, taking its total tech investment over the next five years to £4.1 billion ($5.4 billion).

    Here's how Nationwide deployed AI to identify customer pain points and strategize to resolve issues:
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  8. We live in an age of constant distraction. Screens light up with countless notifications in a day, and with consumers bombarded by a steady stream of information -- from their sister, their boss, their doctor’s office -- brands today are fighting even harder to cut through the noise. Now more than ever, companies should make the most of customer interactions, capitalizing on valuable moments when consumers make time to reach out to them.

    At the same time, the customer service industry is undergoing massive change. Companies are moving to omnichannel customer care, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the industry through intelligent robots and assistants. Especially now that contact centers can leverage AI to field customer inbounds, taking some of the pressure off of bandwidth concerns, the focus on familiar metrics like average handle time (AHT), first-call resolution (FCR) and adherence to schedule is shifting.
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  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caught everyone's attention in recent years, mainly because of its disrupting nature which gives it enormous potential with countless applications.

    Among the many possibilities that AI promises, customer experience (CX) is an area that offers immense opportunity for organisations to differentiate.
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  10. Mopinion released a new machine learning technology within its digital feedback analytics platform: automatic feedback categorisation. This technology employs machine learning techniques that make the analysis of qualitative feedback data – by way of labeling and categorisation – a much more fluid and systematic process.
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