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  1. When we look at customer experience leaders today, it’s not surprising to find they have a number of things in common. From a macro level, we see that many of the individual strategies and tactics these leaders deploy roll up to three high-level areas of strategic focus: customer centricity, operational excellence and digital transformation, and the places where they intersect.

    We see these brought to life in companies of all sizes ranging from hyper-growth startups to some of the most successful technology and financial services companies you can think of.

    The good news is no matter what business you’re in, you can learn from these folks, and apply these lessons to your business as well.
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  2. A new study from UserTesting should sober up email marketers, and just about anyone involved with the customer experience.

    Of 1,600 professionals surveyed, 85% say their customer experience needs improvement.

    Worse, 44% have never heard of the term digital transformation -- a key part of improving customer engagement -- if you believe the report. And digital transformation ranks near the bottom of present and future trends.

    The study shows that 34% in the process of undergoing a digital transformation. Another 28% don’t know what that is, and 16% are simply not doing it. Only 22% say they are done.
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  3. Nationwide, which banks 15 million customers in the UK, has enlisted AI from analytics firm SAS to analyze customer interactions more effectively and resolve issues earlier, per Finextra.

    Nationwide's deployment of AI comes amid growing digital transformation efforts from incumbent lenders as they look to reduce operational costs and improve how they service customers. In September 2018, for example, Nationwide announced its intention to step up its digital transformation, saying it would invest a further £1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) on technology, taking its total tech investment over the next five years to £4.1 billion ($5.4 billion).

    Here's how Nationwide deployed AI to identify customer pain points and strategize to resolve issues:
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  4. While it may just sound like a tech buzzword, digital transformation is so much more than that. The digital transformation is a complex and sometimes even daunting process that impacts multiple aspects of your business – all with the goal of creating efficient digital operations. And this process involves not only meeting the demands of changing technology, but also working in a way that adapts to these changes. Is your organisation struggling to keep up? Then keep reading…
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  5. Supermarkets recognize that consumer shopping habits are changing, and they're working overtime to restructure themselves to meet the new demand for e-commerce. A panel discussion, at the recent ShopTalk conference at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, offered an inside look at how some leading brands and retailers are adapting to this change.

    While e-commerce presents new challenges for both retailers and brands, the transformation portends significant growth as e-commerce sales continue to expand.
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  6. The digitalisation of society is progressing and fundamentally changing the behaviours, needs and demands of customers. The increased availability and sharing of data enables companies to improve the way they develop and offer personalised products and services. The expectation is that a variety of technologies is set to spur a fundamental change in the insurance industry. Examples are blockchain, the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence.
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  7. In this article, we will share how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you improve the experience you provide to your customers.
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  8. The “customer experience’ bandwagon marches on with a new Toolkit 2018 survey from researcher WARC saying that 53 per cent of brands and 58 per cent of agency respondents reckon it’s the key to “digital transformation.” All of which helps the big consultancies more than agencies as they compete for client budgets in a period of low sales growth, fragmented communications and commoditised products.
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  9. Digital disruption has transformed the way brand marketing is done, primarily due to the growing influence of customers in an increasingly connected world. Given this backdrop, Mint recently partnered with SAP India Pvt. Ltd to host a select CXO round table centred around the theme, “Customer Experience (CX): Way to the heart of a digital business”.

    Cassandra Girard, global vice-president and head, consumer and travel industries, at SAP Hybris; and Yashraj Erande, partner and managing director, The Boston Consulting Group, Mumbai, opened up the discussion by sharing their insights on the ingredients of a successful CX strategy and the challenges it entails.
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  10. NGDATA’s annual Consumer Banking Survey found that consumers have increasingly high expectations and demand exceptional customer service in exchange for their loyalty. This means that banks and credit unions must accelerate digital transformation across their organizations so that they have the tools to become fully customer centric. Consumers must be at the center of their entire architecture, and meet the raised expectations for service providers.
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