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  1. Customer experience (CX) is more important today than ever. Providing an exceptional customer experience consistently, though, is hard. Measuring customer experience and tying it to tangible business outcomes is harder still.

    The first step in your journey to improve CX is to measure customer experience. While you will be familiar with widely known customer experience metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS)® or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), how and when you calculate these metrics, as well as how they influence your actions, can have an big impact.
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  2. Subscriptions enable consumers to obtain a wide variety of products and services, from streaming video to boxes of fashion items, in a convenient way. Providing a good customer experience and evolving with customer needs are vital to ongoing success in selling via subscriptions.
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  3. Cerebri AI's platform uses a machine learning paradigm called reinforcement learning, in which a machine learning model optimizes its actions based on new and historical data to yield the greatest reward. It analyzes digital customer interaction data and generates up to four “next best actions” for the company trying to make a sale, such as sending a marketing email or reaching out from a call center.
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  4. Holiday shopping is known for deep discounts and big sales. Entire websites are dedicated to finding the best deals, but is continually slashing prices really a strategic move for businesses? Competing simply on price isn’t sustainable. Eventually, the business will no long be making money or be different from any other company. The solution is to compete on customer experience.
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  5. While scrambling to drive in-store traffic in an online-focused retail environment, brands have let their customers’ digital experiences suffer. SMG data from a recent study involving a subset of our retail clients found the average Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) for online purchasers is 24 percentage points lower than that of in-store purchasers. In a competitive market where every touchpoint matters, brands can work toward decreasing that gap in satisfaction by considering the following ideas and concepts:
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  6. Customer experience is no longer a “nice to have, when we have time” activity. It needs to be the driving initiative for how your organization interacts with your customers on a regular basis.
    So, what can your organization do to deliver an excellent customer experience?
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  7. Research shows that taking the time to send a personalized note or gift to customers can really go a long way. According to Marketo, 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand.
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  8. What if the return on your investment is even beyond what you were hoping?

    Focusing on your customers will result in increased loyalty, more positive word-of-mouth referrals, and higher spend from your best customers. And understanding, leveraging and acting on CSAT scores can absolutely help you get there.
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  9. A basic definition of customer experience analytics is: The discovery, collection and analysis of customer data to help you make informed, intelligent decisions through actionable insights. QYReports has announced the addition of new informative data titled Customer Experience Analytics market to its extensive repository. The aim of this report is to enable the readers to focus on some significant aspects of the businesses such as, recent developments, technological platforms, various standard operating procedures, and tools.
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  10. The multi-sensory experiences — blended with artificial intelligence, augmented reality and a host of tech-centric attributes — are incessantly redefining customer experiences in the West, says Angela White, technical writer at ProProfs. However, the story in Africa is somewhat different, says White.
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