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  1. Even though there’s been much progress, customer experience (CX) still needs to earn a seat at the table. Often, it’s dismissed as a nice-to-have—instead of being considered a key business strategy and discipline—because most leaders throughout the organization don’t have insights or understanding about what the CX team does and how it impacts the bottom line.
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  2. What will keep your contact centre running smoothly, even when your agents must work-from-home and your customers have more questions than ever before? Keeping your organisation focused on remote service excellence, continuity and financial stability will have your customers — and your agents — as satisfied as ever.
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  3. It’s a new decade and while digital CX continues to maintain its status as a key differentiator, technologies are advancing at an ever brisker pace and organisations are becoming more proactive in their CX efforts.

    From the adoption of an agile approach and a narrowed focus on customer transparency and data compliance to the rise of hyper-personalisation, here are the top Digital Customer Experience (CX) trends to look out for in 2020.
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  4. When it comes to creating an amazing customer experience, all companies can learn from the Happiest Place on Earth. With its magical and personalized approach to customer experience, Disney and its theme parks have created a passionately loyal fan base, welcoming 157 million visitors in 2018 with an amazing 70% return rate of first-time guests.

    Disney is regularly recognized for its magical approach to customer experience. Here are five lessons every company can learn from Mickey Mouse himself.
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  5. In 2020, chatbots will move from simple customer-based queries to more advanced real-time interactions based on computational modelling. Chatbots have been growing dynamically in the past few years and have managed to take over many sectors and internal roles in the organisation.
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  6. As it relates to effective CX differentiation, Adobe and Econsultancy report that world-class customer experience companies are three times more likely to have “significantly exceeded their 2019 business goals. Their progression toward customer-centricity has deep effects, pushing them to eliminate the structural, cultural and technological barriers that prevent most companies from managing data and providing great experiences.”
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  7. Using the right technology, brands can collect and analyse unstructured data for unprecedented insight into the customer experience, and take action to transform that experience to meet the needs and expectations of increasingly discriminating consumers. Companies can harness uncensored customer feedback to reimagine CX through a customer-centric lens.
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  8. Global air passenger traffic continues to soar to record levels, as in 2018 the total number of air passengers increased by over six per cent to reach 4.3 billion passengers according to ICAO. The continued growth of air passenger traffic has put considerable strain on airport infrastructure, and some of the world’s leading airports are increasingly turning to new technologies in order to help them manage growing passenger volumes, while delivering a high-quality customer experience.
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  9. When budgeting for CX, a key question is how to determine the business value. Seventy-five percent of the marketing leaders responding in this year’s report said they had calculated the business impact of improving CX, a figure which had only been 48 percent two years ago.

    To that aim, Gartner makes several recommendations. For instance, it suggests that organizations can employ customer data that shows the impact of satisfied customers, since customer satisfaction is the key goal of customer experience efforts.
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  10. In today’s digital age, digital transformation and customer experiences are often buzzwords that people confuse.

    Digital transformation is how digital technologies work through mobile devices and use data analytics to broaden customer relationships. This differs from customer experiences where marketers and businesses work to enhance how customers and potential customers perceive a business. But why is digital transformation necessary for better CXs?
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