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  1. Companies are increasingly turning to data science to better understand how customers interact with their products and services. And with good reason. A 2018 survey sponsored by SAS, Accenture, and Intel found that 58 percent of responding business leaders said that using customer analytics significantly increased customer retention and loyalty, and nearly half associated analytics with significant revenue growth.
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  2. This customer experience (CX) thing can be a bit confusing and you'd be forgiven for wondering whether the current state of affairs is due to data management, complacency or both.

    It's one thing to say CX is everything to your company and quite another to actually deliver.

    That's about the only solid conclusion you can garner from the spate of CX data points flying around as Adobe's big Summit conference concludes this week.
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  3. No product or brand can fulfill the needs and expectations of every person every time. Companies that try to please the masses usually underwhelm their true target audience and gain little in the exchange. Even if you manage to create an incredible experience in red, there will always be people who prefer blue.

    Great customer experience (CX) does not exist in a vacuum. To design an experience that keeps people coming back, focus less on wowing the crowd and more on creating a plan that consistently delivers satisfying results.
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  4. Delivering an incredible customer experience is top of mind for every business today. Customers expect to be treated like celebrities by brands. They expect brands to know them, understand their preferences, and deliver relevant experiences. Experience has become the currency of brand loyalty and retention. More than half (55%) of companies surveyed by Gartner Research reported their digital ambition is to create a better customer experience.

    Global businesses know they need to enable all lines of business to create holistic experiences, because differentiating only on price or product features is no longer a viable growth strategy. A 2018 Forrester Consulting study of global enterprises found that experience-driven businesses grow revenues 1.4x the rate of other companies and enjoy significantly higher customer retention rates.
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  5. Improving customer experience means creating a more positive perception in the minds of customers in both how they are treated by your company, and the feelings that they have across their interactions with your organization. Every touchpoint contributes to the overall customer experience. Managing customer interactions is therefore critical for delivering an excellent customer experience.

    The need to be proactive and manage customer interactions has never been greater, especially when you consider these four emerging trends: empowered consumers, new technology, increasing regulations and the explosion of data.
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  6. It's no secret that in order to succeed in today's competitive industry landscape, brands must do everything possible to prioritize customers at all stages of their journeys to keep them loyal. Strategies must be revised to incorporate new technologies that not only improve the overall experience but also harness data to assess and solve for customer needs and issues across every touchpoint. Premium, personalized interactions have become the new norm, reinforcing that 2018 is all about the customer. To help make this a reality, we've identified eight key themes that should be considered by all brands when transforming into a customer-obsessed organization.
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  7. Leveraging on data and using it in the right way can help an organisation to unleash growth. What are the steps to take?
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  8. Look around, we are hearing a lot of buzz about IoT (Internet of Things). The world is getting reliant on the internet which is a massive global network that allows people to communicate with each other. We can send emails and messages, use websites and post on social media to communicate with other people. To do all these activities, we use devices like PC, Laptop or mobile devices smartphones and tablet » . Internet of Things is a big science which deals with the collected data, interconnectedness and devices.
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  9. Few would argue that two of the most important marketing topics at the moment are customer experience (CX) and data analytics.

    Which is interesting as CX and analytics seem worlds apart. CX tends to be a soft, holistic study of how to make customers happier and analytics consists of the cold, hard numbers which fuel return on investment (ROI) calculations.

    Yet marketers are tasked with addressing both, and so many are wondering about how these two distinct disciplines can be brought together.
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  10. Everything is connected, every surface area is primed for data-capturing IoT, and life is mostly conducted from our phones. Even reality itself is becoming trickier to pin down, whether augmented, virtual or actual.

    With 2018 nigh, we should expect more of the same. Like a good and/or bad sequel, the stakes will be higher, the budgets bigger and the gadgets flashier. For some, it will be a bumpy ride. For others, unprecedented tech-enabled success awaits. For all of us, it will be anything but boring. Strap yourselves in, things are about to get interesting (again).
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