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  1. Data management platforms, or DMPs (which is ‘agnostic’ and plugs and plays with any system) allow marketers to personalise at scale, with the flexibility they need: they can orchestrate messages in real-time across any platform, from a cutting edge smartwatch to an ancient CRM system.
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  2. Marketing’s evolution and increased value-add to organisations is making headway in one essential direction: Driving brands to achieve maximum relevance in the heart and minds of customers.

    Relevant messages, relevant products and relevant interactions foster emotions that touch the psyche of customers in more ways than one. Managing the customer experience by enhancing emotional bonds, not simply meeting functionality, will bring customers closer to your brand and your offerings.
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  3. “You’re a good old horse,” the cowboy drawls, “even though you’re not the fastest ride in the barn. And sometimes, though I hate to mention it, your gait can be uneven. And…”

    Finally, the horse has to interrupt: “Dude! I said feedbag, not feedback!”
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  4. An omnichannel customer experience provides a seamless conversation with your company where the customer feels recognized by your support team no matter when or how the customer reaches out for help. A great omnichannel customer experience is backed by a well-thought-out omnichannel support strategy that reduces pain points and removes inconsistencies in your customer service. It also requires software that allows agents to move from one channel to the next, maintaining the thread of conversation and providing smooth support interactions.

    Here are five hurdles an omnichannel solution can help you to overcome.
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  5. Starting today, General Motors will let you buy coffee, order take-out food or make dinner reservations with the tap of your car's touchscreen.

    The service, called Marketplace, links drivers to popular vendors including Starbucks Corp., Dunkin’ Donuts Inc. and Applebee's. Using your established digital relationship with those brands, along with data collected from your car such as location or time of day, it can offer highly personalized experiences.
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  6. Shaun Buck states that virtually all businesses operate without considering how the process will be for their customers but rather how efficient it will be for themselves or their team. Meanwhile everyone says that their customers are a priority. So, 'when will their actions match the redirect?' and 'what changes will they make today to improve the customer experience?'
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  7. According to PwC, 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, just behind price and product quality. Yet only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today. PwC’s most recent Consumer Intelligence Series: Experience is Everything surveyed 4,000 Americans from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and 11,000 customers from 11 other countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America.
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  8. Positive and negative reviews can significantly influence the decision of a prospective new client.

    With the potential for a negative experience to gain viral attention, one bad review can have damaging affects on a small or growing business. Because of this, it is imperative to establish a system to recover from poor service.
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  9. If you have followed carefully throughout the previous instalments, by now, you would be able to create a good CRM strategy.

    You’ve learnt specific topics like e-commerce and handling conflict. And also, you’ve been told that if you want to be successful, your CRM initiative needs to keep moving forward. What’s now left are some how-to-do’s for sustaining your CRM effort.

    In this instalment, we’ll apply a process for assessing, aligning, and continually renewing your CRM strategy.
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  10. In today’s marketplace, it’s all about creating the most positive experience for your customers. You need to engage with them in a way that is unforgettable and helps them remember your business the next time they are in need of the products and services your company offers.
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