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  1. Building a great product or solution is essential, but a company won’t go very far if it can’t provide a robust customer experience. With 73 percent of clients worldwide indicating that it’s an important factor in purchasing decisions, businesses have to ensure excellent customer experience to not only meet demand but also keep up with the competition.

    Companies also need to understand that expectations and demands are high. People care about having access to instant, consistent, and contextual conversations with customer support teams across several channels. As such, it’s imperative that they’re available on channels customers already trust and enjoy.
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  2. Providing a single repository that delivers a 360-degree view of the customer enables an organization to deliver a highly differentiated and much more engaging customer experience (CX). Brands who leverage a CDP are already proving how IT and marketing teams can work together to drive business success.

    As organizations deploy their first CDP use cases, or plan to do so, Adobe’s experts have some important tips that can help improve the chance of success with these projects. The most important is that the CDP must support both known and unknown data. An unknown contact is one that may not be a registered or named user yet is still a valid contact or website visitor. Adobe has designed their use case with the capability to bring together known and unknown data to activate real-time customer profiles across channels throughout the customer journey.
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  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caught everyone's attention in recent years, mainly because of its disrupting nature which gives it enormous potential with countless applications.

    Among the many possibilities that AI promises, customer experience (CX) is an area that offers immense opportunity for organisations to differentiate.
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  4. A 360-degree customer journey is a set of ideas and methods meant to take you from vague promises of being “customer-centric” to a concrete process for measurably offering more value to customers. By better understanding individuals and groups of customers, you’ll find ways to make your products more useful and smooth out the buying process, building an engaged audience for your brand along the way.
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  5. Consider the Porsche. Sleek and beautiful, you know it’s a great car the minute you see one. Yet the real beauty lies in what’s under the hood. That’s where the power comes from. That’s what makes it a performance vehicle.

    For companies, customers engage because you bring them something wonderful, something they want. When you do, they expect a certain level of service behind it, an excellent end-to-end experience.
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  6. Is your Marketing department aligned with customer experience and employee experience? The necessity and logic of doing this was highlighted in a recent presentation by Hootsuite’s Vice President of Customer, Kirsty Traill. She pointed out that Marketing Communications is unfortunately the typical focus of customer journey maps and customer-centric marketing.
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  7. Customer experience is a key driver of business success. From social media analytics to specialized software, there are hundreds of tools devoted to measuring it. But which of these tools are actually important to understanding customer experience? And how does customer experience ultimately affect your bottom line?
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  8. The business of customer experience

    Think about the last great customer experience you had.
    Now, try to pull out all of the little details about that experience that made it great.

    Customer experience is a fuzzy concept. As consumers, we can quickly name multiple different companies with great customer experiences, but struggle defining exactly what components make each experience exceptional.
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  9. What do my customers want? The savviest executives are asking this question more frequently than ever, and rightly so. Leading companies understand that they are in the customer-experience business, and they understand that how an organization delivers for customers is beginning to be as important as what it delivers.
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  10. I recently read a report showing that out of 46,000 shoppers, 73% used multiple channels to make a purchase. Only 7% shopped exclusively online, while 20% shopped exclusively in-store. I believe this is clear proof that there is an increasing need for retailers to turn to omnichannel retail to enhance the customer experience.
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