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  1. I like to view customer experience as a combination of themes and capabilities that ensure the right product is designed for a problem, and the right set of integrated services are designed to support customers during various phases of solution ownership.

    There are 14 common journeys I consider to be the starting point. Each of them have a predetermined map incorporating the objectives that a customer must reach each step of the way. This starting point ensures that no journey, or experiencer is overlooked.
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  2. After Voice of the Customer (VoC), nothing is more closely associated with Customer Experience Management (CXM) than a customer journey map (CJM).

    By creating a visual depiction of the steps that customers take in an experience, including how customers feel after interactions, CX leaders can diagnose problems and design new experiences for the future.
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  3. PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Comcast Business today announced more than 2.3 million companies, including SMBs and enterprises, are elevating customer experiences with fast, reliable connectivity and next-generation solutions from Comcast Business. These technologies have helped drive digital transformation at thousands of companies, enabling them to better serve their customers and develop ongoing business relationships.
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  4. STORIES of businesses leveraging technology to boost efficiency have prompted customers to develop higher expectations from the brands they engage with.

    More than anything, customers expect a seamless journey and a personalized experience when they interact with a brand.

    Identifying customers’ expectations and delivering on those expectations, is undoubtedly an integral part of business, especially now, in the digital age.
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  5. The West seems to have a rather fascinating obsession with the individual. We write our addresses starting with a person and expand out until we get to a world view, which makes little sense when you consider that anyone functionally using that address must read to the end to even know where to start. This is a pattern we see in many things — from the way we tell stories to the way we design infrastructure and services. So naturally, it's through this lens that brands often solve customer experience challenges.
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  6. Customer experience (CX) is more important today than ever. Providing an exceptional customer experience consistently, though, is hard. Measuring customer experience and tying it to tangible business outcomes is harder still.

    The first step in your journey to improve CX is to measure customer experience. While you will be familiar with widely known customer experience metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS)® or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), how and when you calculate these metrics, as well as how they influence your actions, can have an big impact.
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  7. Holiday shopping is known for deep discounts and big sales. Entire websites are dedicated to finding the best deals, but is continually slashing prices really a strategic move for businesses? Competing simply on price isn’t sustainable. Eventually, the business will no long be making money or be different from any other company. The solution is to compete on customer experience.
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  8. A basic definition of customer experience analytics is: The discovery, collection and analysis of customer data to help you make informed, intelligent decisions through actionable insights. QYReports has announced the addition of new informative data titled Customer Experience Analytics market to its extensive repository. The aim of this report is to enable the readers to focus on some significant aspects of the businesses such as, recent developments, technological platforms, various standard operating procedures, and tools.
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  9. Are you a visual person? Looking for some deeper insights into what your visitors are doing on your website? Want to boost your conversions, but not sure where to start? A heatmapping tool might just be your answer! Heatmapping tools are great for tracking user behaviour patterns on specific pages of your website and are actually quite easy to use.

    Read the article for more information.
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  10. If you’ve ever worked in the service industry I’m sure the chant “the customer is always right” still rings in your head. Customer service and the customer journey are not new concepts. However, the medium that customer service is carried out through today is new. With the eruption and growth of the internet over the past 20 years – the entire customer journey has been rewritten – no matter how long you’ve been in business or what industry you’re in. As the way we do business evolved, the customer experience evolved with it. But why has it been so difficult for businesses to transition?
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