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  1. Every day, customers contact Air France and KLM to find answers to their flight related questions. Customer service agents are located all around the world, in order to support them at any moment.
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  2. Have you ever had a flight get cancelled for no reason? Landed in your destination but discovered your bags were at another airport? Have you been booked in the wrong hotel room?

    These are all common experiences in travel, and they can be frustrating for travelers.

    People love to travel for fun, work or adventure, but they are often faced with less-than-stellar experiences. What modern travelers really want are personalized experiences they can control. There is a big opportunity for innovation in travel, especially with new customer experience technology.
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  3. It’s a universally acknowledged fact that technology has influenced every aspect of human life, specifically over the last few years.

    This stands unambiguously true for travel industry. Remember the time when a "things‐to‐pack" list used to be very extensive ‐ camera, film rolls, Walkman, copies of important documents, maps, dictionary, etc. All these things can be carried in one tiny device called smartphone now!
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  4. As more passengers travel with mobile devices, airline apps have taken off. Yet many airlines still have some distance to go before their app experience truly soars.

    Today, 98 percent of all airline passengers carry at least one device and 70 percent carry two or more devices when they travel, according to SITA’s Passenger IT Trends Survey 2017. Given how attached travelers are to their devices, airline enterprises should be innovating with mobile apps.
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  5. A new series of reports released today by Allianz Worldwide Partners USA, a leading global travel insurance provider, outlines best practices for improving customer experience and satisfaction, as well as latest trends in technology and innovation for travel protection. In the increasingly competitive and unpredictable travel market, the company illustrates how these touchpoints can serve as competitive advantages to drive higher sales through customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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