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  1. In 2020, an optimized digital customer experience can tip the balance toward gaining a purchase instead of losing a customer. Excellent CX has transitioned firmly from something nice to have to a business requirement.

    No matter how good a product or service is, the e-commerce Web and mobile design surrounding it will play a key role in maintaining engagement and ensuring consumers complete their shopping journey.
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  2. After Voice of the Customer (VoC), nothing is more closely associated with Customer Experience Management (CXM) than a customer journey map (CJM).

    By creating a visual depiction of the steps that customers take in an experience, including how customers feel after interactions, CX leaders can diagnose problems and design new experiences for the future.
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  3. We all know that CX is so much more than deploying a customer satisfaction survey. However, many times an organization’s journey to launch CX starts with just that. What we chose to measure is typically based on who has requested – or insisted – there needs to be a survey. Maybe it’s your support organization, maybe it’s your sales organization, or maybe it’s corporate quality. Where it originated typically colors what and how customer feedback is measured.

    …but, is that the best way?
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  4. Customer experience has supplanted content marketing and mobile marketing as the secret of e-business success for entrepreneurs.

    User experience is important from an SEO perspective as well – websites where users don’t spend more than 10 seconds, because of messed up user experience designs, fail to sustain their rankings. What’s more, a Walker study predicts that customer experience will be more important than price as well as product by 2020.

    The big question, then, is – how should businesses make use of this insight and grow more than their competitors? The answer – by focusing on customer experience on mobile. Though businesses need to deliver robust customer experiences across channels, mobile is where the leverage lies.
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  5. The rise of new digital tools (like mobile, live chat, omnichannel support, self-service, social media) and a broad array of IoT devices (like activity monitors, beacons, smartwatches) and emerging technologies (like AI, AR, Machine Learning, VR, 3D printing and so on), has exponentially increased the number of customer touchpoints available to marketers.

    On the other hand, chats, stories, and statistics grab today’s customer’s attention, and they get influenced by other people’s reviews and opinions and feel compelled to share their experiences of encounters with brands. Also, the customer experiences often trickle over from one industry to an entirely different sector, termed as “liquid expectations.” The rise of “always – connected” customers and their liquid expectations, has led to a common misunderstanding that businesses must rush to adapt themselves as “digital first.”
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  6. Building a simple customer experience that satisfies your customers’ expectations is a starting point (or evolution) in your digital journey. You might be asking yourself, “How do I know what my customer wants?” The data is available from their behavior online, and many of your customers will tell you what they want. Putting the pieces together can appear complex, but it can be simplified if you segment the optimization of your customers’ experience into three buckets: Design, Usability and Search.
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  7. The customer experience has had such a profound impact on organisations across the globe that it has totally transformed the way we look at business. There was a time, not so long ago, that companies got by on looking like all-powerful behemoths - essentially intimidating their customers into buying from them. But since the financial crisis of 2008, we've gradually begun to lose faith in the Goliaths, leading us to make our decisions based on what truly works for us.
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  8. This Customer Think article outlines 20 real steps to cutting waste out of your products, services, and experiences to make sure you deliver what the customer needs to solve their pain points.
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  9. The rise of data-driven decision making has coincided with a resurgence of design thinking. Both processes are now seen as critical to delivering the ideal customer experience. To further understand the area we spoke to Joe Cincotta, director of Thinking Group.
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