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  1. The signs that companies place in and around their stores say a lot about what it’s like to do business with them. Are they friendly and welcoming? Do they set reasonable expectations of the customer experience? Or are they unnecessarily full of rules and regulations?
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  2. Isn’t it remarkable how things we learn at one point in our life come back to us as welcome gifts later?

    Early in my career, I wrote a book about helping children develop humor skills (Humor, Play and Laughter – Stress-proofing life with your kids). I became a student on the topic because I wanted my children to learn how to constructively use humor to take themselves and the world around them less seriously. More importantly, I wanted them to develop an ability to manage frustration and diffuse conflict.
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  3. Trader Joe’s ranked first among multichannel retailers in Forrester Research’s 2018 U.S. Customer Experience Index.

    Based on a survey of more than 110,000 U.S. adults, the Forrester CX Index aims to measure and rank how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens shopper loyalty. The Cambridge, Mass.-based research firm benchmarked the customer experience quality at 287 U.S. brands, including 42 leading multichannel retailers.
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  4. What do some of the world’s most popular and successful websites have in common? While Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube all have different business models, each one does one thing very well: personalization. If you’re a member of any one of these sites, the content that you personally see when you visit its homepage will be different from that other users see.
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  5. A recent online shopping experience, which left me waiting more than two weeks for a delivery, reminded me of the importance of, and our expectations about, time.
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  6. Uniting the leadership team in the purpose of delivering one-company experiences and connecting it to business growth occurs with my clients when we can simplify the “why” behind this work in a manner that they can stand behind and communicate as their own.
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