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  1. Creating a structure for your app, however, can take a lot of time and energy, unless of course, you have the right tool in place. That is why many mobile developers start out with a mobile app wireframing or mockup tool. Mobile app wireframes can not only help save valuable time (and money!) but also help developers focus on the user experience.
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  2. A growing amount of companies are starting to realise that by attuning to their customer’s needs, they can grasp more opportunities for their own gain. One of these opportunities is the demand for mobile access to information regarding your company, be it regular company details or entire webshops.
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  3. There’s a reason that business experts say to “work on your business, not just in your business.” (A book on this subject that I’ve enjoyed is The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber.) Nowhere is this more true than in the design and execution of customer experience, customer service and customer support; here, even a little effort spent re-thinking how you go about your work can make all the difference in how well that work goes, and how well it’s received by customers, as the following examples, from three diverse businesses, should make clear.
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  4. Potbelly has tapped Kansas City-based Service Management Group to help it enhance its customer experience. The restaurant chain, headquartered in Chicago with 400 units across the world, will leverage a host of products — including SMG VisitView, SMG SocialView, and BrandGeek — in combination with the firm's research expertise to uncover actionable, location-level insights, according to a company press release.
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  5. The average lifespan of S&P companies is shrinking, and business leaders are looking for new ways to compete. Michel Feaster, Co-Founder and CEO, Usermind, presents three ways to reinvent your business around customer experience
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  6. Contact centers are one of the main touch points of customers for organizations. Many contact centers, through various channels (voice, web chat, social media, text messaging, email), process millions of interactions each year. Once seen as a cost-center, contact centers are slowly evolving into a much more strategic part of the business. According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. While customer expectations for more and better service are growing, utility companies have not kept up. The energy utility industry, being predominantly an asset-based company, has traditionally focused on ensuring reliability, compliance and cost efficiency – keeping the lights on and the power costs stable.
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  7. We’re looking for the first members of our customer experience team to build a brand new business and completely change an industry with us. We are a startup creating an iconic brand in insurance* for modern consumers and this is the team that is responsible for doing it.
    The Customer Operations Associate will be the single most important part of our company and will be critical in achieving this mission. They will provide customer care, and in their responses to inbound calls, web chats and email communications turn customers into passionate evangelists.
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  8. The world comes at us at 150+ miles an hour, every day. Each new moment thrusts upon us decision points, which shape our next steps. As we barrel through this speedway of change called life, there are key pillars of support that drive our achievement. Sometimes the best way to ‘speed up’ and reach our goals is to ‘slow down’ and re-focus on how we get there together, as a CX immersed team.
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  9. There are often two camps when it comes to customer experience: those who think automation and technology is the future, and those who think humans will still perform every task. However, perhaps the most likely scenario is one championed by David Clarke, Global CxO & Experience Consulting Leader, Digital Principal at PwC, who believes future success in customer experience comes from a combination of people plus technology.
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