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  1. We hear companies throwing around common phrases like, ‘Customer centricity is at the heart of our organisation’ and ‘We’re very much in tune with the needs of our customers’. Not surprisingly, seeing as how according to a study carried out by Bain and company, 80% of organisations they surveyed believed that they were providing a superior customer experience to their customers. Meanwhile, just 8% of their customers shared this opinion. Only eight percent! This is a huge disconnect and gap in perception, one that is commonly referred to as the customer experience gap.
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  2. Today's organizations make all kinds of data-related promises, although the customer experiences they deliver don't always align. While there's no shortage of data available, companies aren't always able to leverage it as adeptly as they claim.
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  3. Back then, managing expectations was the key to customer success, but in today’s hyper-connected world, things have changed. The customer is now firmly in control, digitally empowered, spoilt for choice and more fickle than ever before.
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  4. During our recent webinar with Jay Baer, digital business expert and founder of Convince & Convert, we polled over one hundred attending customer experience (CX) professionals to find out how their companies are thinking about key topics affecting CX today. Here’s what we found out about how they’re meeting customer expectations, adopting chatbot technology, and hiring Customer Experience Managers (CXMs).
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  5. While good customer experience can build loyalty, not every effort to improve CX leads to success. Today, site guests expect like never before from your site as they think about the customer experience against the pioneers from various divisions like Amazon, Facebook, HubSpot or Uber. However, regularly there are normal defects in how websites are composed which implies they don’t meet the customer expectation and your communication goals.
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