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  1. QYMarketResearch recently delivers a latest research report entitled “Effective Market Analysis of Global Customer Experience Management Industry 2018” which highlights the Customer Experience Management market size, comprehensive Customer Experience Management industry dynamics and high-tech updates of global Customer Experience Management market concerning Customer Experience Management industry challenges, risk, constraints, opportunities, cost structure and modern trends in the Customer Experience Management industry. This Customer Experience Management study guide consist of top Customer Experience Management manufacturers, Customer Experience Management market segmentation by Types, Application and Customer Experience Management market division based on geographical locations. The Customer Experience Management research report basically focuses on giving an in-depth Customer Experience Management research analysis and forecast for Customer Experience Management Market from 2018 to 2023.
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  2. The Worldwide Customer Experience Management Market — Global Business Prospect, Extensive Analysis, and Forecast 2017-2026 throughout the foreseen period and Customer Experience Management market report offers thorough research updates and information associated to bolster increases, demands, and opportunities over the globe.
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  3. The majority (90%) of UK customers say that customer centres are "ineffective at dealing with issues," says a new study.

    A third (33%) of the surveyed UK shoppers say that they’ll give up on a retailer if customer service is poor as more than 50% of the same cohort have been frustrated with their shopping treatment, reports a study by Whistl.
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  4. The Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2016 reveals that most major European companies still remain in the beginning stages of monitoring customer experience through digital channels such as websites and mobile apps. Nearly half of these respondents feel that they are doing reasonably well in terms of monitoring customer feedback. Nonetheless, in terms of customer follow-ups and task allocation, there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.
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