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  1. According to McKinsey, 75% of online customers expect service within 5 minutes – and successfully delivering that requires an effective technology foundation. The right CX platform is a critical part of that foundation. On premise, off premise, in the cloud – there are so many different options companies face when building a CX stack. Let’s take a closer look at what on premise cloud is, how it can support your CX technologies, and the steps you can take to maximize its effectiveness.
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  2. As you think about your experience management (XM) efforts, it’s important to understand how people flow through the experiences in their lives — as customers, employees, patients, fans, citizens, students, etc. To help deepen that understanding, I’ve created a simple model, the Human Experience Cycle (HxC). As you can see in the chart below, the HxC is made up of five elements:

    Expectations: What a person anticipates will happen during an experience.
    Experiences: What actually happens to a person during an interaction.
    Perceptions: How a person views an experience based on their expectations.
    Attitudes: How someone feels about the organization.
    Behaviors: How a person choses to interact with an organization.
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  3. Every industry strives to improve their customers’ experience with their products and services. Adopting a customer first strategy is therefore in many company objectives. Unfortunately it rarely goes beyond the theory in many organisations, so I decided to help out with these six suggestions.

    Hospitality is perhaps one of the most visible industries where customer satisfaction, or lack of, is quickly shared with the world. It is true that without satisfaction, customers will not return to a hotel or restaurant. And they will almost certainly share their (bad) experiences with anyone who will listen.
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  4. Remember that time you had a truly amazing customer service experience that you just felt the need to tell the world? Trust me, that wasn’t by accident. In a report by American Express, 86% of customers were happy to pay higher prices when guaranteed exceptional customer service, whereas in a report by RightNow, 82% of customers were willing to leave a brand due to bad service.
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  5. Customer-centric retailing and selling are the new business models. The new model goes beyond the traditional horizon of omnichannel, breaking down the lofty walls between internal intent silos and the potent customer experience platforms.
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  6. You understand what it takes to provide a great customer experience. In fact, you are a great warrior on behalf of the customer. You can’t stand hearing about what customers complain about, simply because you think that hiccup should have never happened. That problem with marketing is because those people in marketing don’t get it like you do. Those complaints about distribution could be solved if the right people were there. Nobody seems to really get it in your organization, except you.
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  7. Among the improvements that Bombardier has brought to its aftermarket support is recently adding a second mobile response team (MRT) jet, a Challenger 300, based in Frankfurt, Germany.
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  8. I don’t want to be a buzz kill, or the bearer of bad news, but if you’re just setting out on a customer experience career journey, understand that it is not for the complacent, nor the satisfied. This is the career for those who must motivate themselves and others to constantly and consistently top what has been done previously.
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  9. We now live in an outcome-based economy. Customers want solutions, and if you don’t provide a solution and provide it well and fast enough with flexibility in price and offering, they can easily opt for one of your many competitors. To this flexible mindset add tons of data and an endless array of influences, and you’ve got a customer journey that is much more volatile than in years past.
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  10. I just came back from hosting the CXPA’s Insight Exchange and talking all things customers. Of course, I tended to hang out in the customer journey mapping sessions. While the practice is maturing, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

    In the spirit of sharing best practices, we at Heart of the Customer put together our Top 10 Reasons that Journey Mapping Projects Fail, a la David Letterman.

    Without further ado, let’s proceed!
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