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  1. You’re no stranger to RFPs. Love them or hate them, the undeniable truth is that they’re crucial to making informed business decisions about future vendors and partners. The purpose of a contact center RFP is no different: it’s an essential process to use when choosing an outsourcer. However, the contact center RFP is unique and can’t be modeled on the same old RFP template used for other services your company may procure.

    Your contact center partner owns a huge part of your customer experience. And customer experience comes with complexities not found in other service offerings. And your outsourced partner is going to act as an extension of your own brand, so their employee experience, hiring philosophy, and corporate culture truly matter. Thus, crafting your contact center RFP takes thoughtful preparation. Here are our most popular resources to guide you in crafting an RFP that will address the unique challenges of selecting a contact center partner.
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  2. If you work in customer service, chances are you know the signs of a complaining customer.

    You might recognize them by their pointed tones, their defensive, often raised voices (over email or live chat, this may present itself as all caps writing), and their creative use of insults. You may recognize the way they hold up the line at checkout, the way they demand to speak to management, or the way a look of disbelief plants itself on their faces when they hear that what they are asking for simply cannot be done.

    Nobody likes a complaining customer, yet it’s something that every organization has to deal with. What businesses are increasingly realizing, however, is that despite their bad rap, complaining customers are a lot more than just a stitch in your side – they are something that every company can and should learn from.

    Here are the top 7 reasons why complaining customers are your best customers, and what you can do to turn dreaded customer complaints into golden opportunities.
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  3. Criteria for promotions, raises, hiring, bonuses, budget expansion and recognition reveal your true motives about customer experience. These criteria drive behavior even more than goals and values. These “business rituals” criteria are the truth about your culture. They’re the engine behind your growth.
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  4. You are not your customer.

    Some entrepreneurs struggle to understand and work within this concept. It’s not too surprising, really. Successful entrepreneurs are passionate, motivated people who focus on what they want to happen. They then strive to transform their vision into reality.
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  5. People access the internet on mobile devices more often than desktop computers, and that trend started years ago. It's also been well over a year since "mobilegeddon," when Google updated its algorithms to penalize websites without mobile counterparts.

    With so many websites shifting to responsive design, consumers now turn to the mobile web and apps to address online shopping needs. Early adopters make purchases directly from their smartphones. Others use mobile devices to quickly look up items, consume product-specific content and discuss options with peers -- any time, anywhere.
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  6. Imagine a support center with a competent level 1 support team. A level 1.5 team receives warmly transferred calls and chats. Shift-left activities combined with a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) approach ensure support processes are steadily handed off from level 2 to level1.5, level 1, and ultimately level 0. All Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets are exceeded, met, or approached very closely. Resolution rates sky rocket to close to 90% between level 1 and level 1.5. Customer satisfaction rates are consistently high and above the 93% target. The ball seems to be hit out of the park in most, if not all respects. Support center management is pleased with the results. Might they even have become slightly complacent?
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  7. Getting fitted for a suit or purchasing clothes to one's preference are known to be best done in person. But a growing number of innovative retailers are finding ways to recreate these experiences online. These retailers use data to deliver personalization in a meaningful way. They are also not focused only on the purchase, but also on customer satisfaction after the purchase.
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  8. Shaun Buck states that virtually all businesses operate without considering how the process will be for their customers but rather how efficient it will be for themselves or their team. Meanwhile everyone says that their customers are a priority. So, 'when will their actions match the redirect?' and 'what changes will they make today to improve the customer experience?'
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  9. It is very refreshing and encouraging to see so many organizations with mission statements indicating their focus on the customer and their mission to deliver the best customer experience. Over the past few years, organizations have begun taking it a step further than just stating this customer focus, but have started establishing teams or divisions who are dedicated to the customer and their experience. Today, we hear more and more about firms with a CCO (Chief Customer Officer) or VP of Customer Experience.
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  10. Many companies seeking to improve their Customer Experience (CX) understand the importance of putting the customer at the center of everything they do. Doing it, however, flummoxes them.

    Not all companies have this problem though. Those that have excellent experiences, the kind that makes their brand name a household one, demonstrate actual customer-centricity in their CX.
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