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  1. To remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses of all sizes and industries are undertaking critical transformation processes to align digital goals to strategic business objectives. They do this with the simple end goal of transforming customer experience, with a key approach being the ability to personalise the way they interact with their audiences.
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  2. With consumers now expecting a seamless and personalised experience across all channels, it’s vital that companies have a strong customer experience strategy in order to compete.

    This is where customer experience management (or CXM) comes in - the practice of using data and insight from customer interactions to improve the overall CX.

    Marketers already have a vast amount of data at their fingertips, most commonly sourced from online analytics, customer surveys, email and CRM. But while this might tell us about customer behaviour and even help to highlight customer needs – it’s not always so easy to turn data into actionable insight.

    So, how can marketers ensure they get the most from their data? Econsultancy’s CXM Best Practice Guide has lots more on the topic, but in the meantime, here are just a few tips.
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  3. Recent years have seen heightened attention–and spending–on customer experience (CX). For many companies, customer satisfaction is the primary target for most of their CX investment. That seems like a worthy goal, but is it enough?

    Many CX industry experts suggest that businesses should focus on CX practices that help them create a strong emotional connection with customers.
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  4. Today’s marketers are placing the ‘customer’ at the front and center of all its processes as key to sustaining and growing the brand and business.

    Brands can now track individual customer behavior in real-time. With the availability of big data and analytics, companies are able to tailor-fit customer experiences on personal scale.
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  5. In this digital age, customers expect a consistent experience that is seamless, intuitive and engaging across channels be it social, mobile or in person. These digitally evolved customers ask for information anytime, anywhere, superior digital products and services, multi-channel experience and personalized, contextual engagement.
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