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  1. In B2B e-commerce you must focus on your online tactics and technology, bringing in new customers, and keeping the existing ones happy. You also have to maintain an optimal revenue mix of new and repeat customers, to boost business growth and achieve sales goals. We discuss five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers.
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  2. Companies can’t afford to take a vacation when it comes to delivering great customer experiences. David Baekholm, senior VP of growth marketing at HomeAway, shares what his brand learned not to do in order to drive growth.

    We operate in a crowded, competitive market, where most companies are vying for a similar audience. HomeAway is a vacation rental company owned by the Expedia Group with more than 2 million property listings across 190 countries. When thinking about how we could stand out, we saw an opportunity to compete on the ways people experience travel.
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  3. Admit it. We as consumers are a demanding bunch. We have high expectations of the brands around us whether thats simply knowing our preferences, tailoring our online journeys, individualizing communications, or providing quick and hassle-free customer support. Put simply, we want to be the apple of every business eye. If things don't go our way, wont be long before were off looking for an alternative that will meet our expectations. This logic is precisely why personalization efforts are so critical to the success of businesses especially in the digital era.
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